6 Self-Care Tips All College Students Need To Try
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6 Self-Care Tips All College Students Need To Try

In college, it is easy to get super busy and complete forget to take care of ourselves. Try these easy tips to incorporate self-care in your life.

6 Self-Care Tips All College Students Need To Try

It is always good to take a step back and take some time to simply reflect and practice some self-care. We often forget that even though our work is important, we can not give our all if we do not take care of ourselves. Here are some ways to get away from the school work and our busy lives and relax.

One word: Aromatherapy.

Even if you are too busy to just set time aside, get some aromatherapy to use while you are working. Whether it be a diffuser or aromatherapy lotion, it helps a lot with just calming down and relaxing. Bath and Bodyworks has a variety of types for stress, anxiety, focus, and so much more.

Take A Nap.

One of the best ways to relax is to treat your body to a well-deserved nap. As college students, we often forget to sleep and stay up and work for hours. This takes a toll on your body limiting the focus you need to finish your work. The best thing would be to get on a steady sleep cycle.

Bubble Bath.

Turn the lights down low and treat yourself to a nice, warm bath. The warmth of the water will give your muscles some much-needed relaxation. Our muscles are put through a lot throughout the day. Besides walking to and from classes when we sit down to do work, the stress and anxiety we have from needing to get stuff done will often cause your muscles to involuntarily tighten from mental stress. If you don't have access to a bath head to UREC and hop in the hot tub.

Read a good book.

Yes, we already have tons of reading for class. However, reading a good book is a great way to relax. Getting away from the day to day reading and taking a moment to escape in a good book is a great way to treat yourself and your mind.

Go see a movie.

Whether it just came out in theaters or it's an oldie but goodie take some time to watch a good movie. Movies are designed to excite and give us a thrill, so why not use it to take some time away from our studies.

Take yourself out on a date.

Yes by yourself. Most people cringe at the idea of eating along or seeing a movie alone. However, it is important to take time to yourself and by yourself. Taking yourself on a date is a great way to not only treat yourself but to get to know yourself better.

Go workout.

Even though most of us workout as just some of our schedule, working out just for one's self-pleasure is also important. Not your everyday workout but just to raise those endorphins. Go as light or as hard as you would like. Try that work out you have been wanting to try.

Self-care is important. We can not expect to get classwork done and pass the test without taking care of yourself first. I know it is easy to get swept up in all the things that have to get done. Next time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed, take a moment to try some of these tips.

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