Having An Amazing Roommate Changed My College Experience

Having An Amazing Roommate Changed My College Experience

I could not imagine not being friends with my roommate.


I have heard the horror roommate stories time after time. I was kind of terrified living with a random stranger, but it was inevitable because I knew absolutely no one when coming to the University Of West Georgia. I knew absolutely nothing about my assigned roommate because the housing portal gave just a tiny bit of information. We ended up getting in contact through the portal and exchanged our Instagrams. We continued our first conversation and let me be the first to say it will forever be the most cringy conversation I have ever been a part of. We got to know a little bit about it each other but it was just the basic conversation starter such as "Where are you from?" "What are your hobbies?", and "What shows do you watch?" We talked a little bit throughout the summer but it was mainly about things we would be getting for our room and nothing too personal.

In July, I saw on her Snapchat that she would be going to David Dobriks Views Tour and I was also going to be there. I remembered I swiped up and told her I was also going. We decided to meet up at the venue. After the show was over, we met briefly for the first time and all I can say about that is yikes. It was very awkward I think and not one of my proudest moments. Not to be dramatic but sometimes I think about our first meet up and just cringe. It was very awkward and I honestly did not know how to act. Do I hug her? Do I shake her hand? I just didn't know. I look at the friendship we have now and I think about our first encounter and it is just so different.

Move in day came along and we had all of our freshman activities and I feel like I kind of stuck to her because she was really the only person I knew here at UWG. I honestly was scared she would hate me because of all the roommate stories I have heard. To my luck, it didn't work out that way. After getting to know each other better we grew super close and I know consider Sierra to be one of my best friends and then my roommate.

Sierra and I have the same night habits. We grew so close after many late night talks, dance parties, roaming around campus at all hours of the night, six flags trips, and so much more. One of my fondest memories I have with her is our Christmas decorating party. We went all out and our room felt like we were straight out of a Hallmark movie. That night is one of my favorite college memories because we did not go to bed until around four in the morning because we just were having so much fun and enjoying each others company. I mentioned earlier how we stay up late and it's nice to have someone up the same hours I am. We will always turn to one another and go "are you tired" most of the time the answer is no.

I honestly do not know what I would do if we didn't get along. I think I would not enjoy college as much. I could never imagine just living with a stranger. It would make the room feel so empty. Sierra and I have grown so close. We went to my house one weekend and are planning to go to hers in the near future. We have the same friend group so were always hanging out with each other and eating every dreadful meal at east commons together.

Sierra and I have an interesting relationship. We can poke fun at each other and the other doesn't get offended about it. If others heard us they would probably think we are mean but we just have the same type of humor and understand one another. We don't mind embarrassing ourselves around each other. Trust me, she has so many embarrassing videos on me just like I do of her.

Sierra is there for me and I am there for her. I feel that I could trust her with anything. I hope she feels the same. I was struggling to find an odyssey article to write. We were hanging out in the library and I was asking her what I should write about and she told me to write an article about how having an amazing roommate changed my college experience. I told her I would and I don't regret it. I could never imagine having a roommate that wasn't Sierra. We are also living with each other next year and most likely every year after that which I am absolutely thrilled for.

So here I am Sierra writing an article for you, are you happy?

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10 Ways College Is 100% NOTHING Like High School

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Here are just 10 ways the two could not be MORE different:

1. How you sleep

You'll go from waking up three hours before school to three minutes before class

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Pizza goes from a once-in-a-while treat to an everyday food group.

4. How you socialize

You'll go from being nice to everyone to disliking people for no reason.

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High school contour was on fleek and now there's somehow mascara on your forehead.

6. How you nap

Naps go from two hours to 10 minutes.

7. How you operate heavy machinery

Driving goes from 10 and 2 with perfectly lined up mirrors to driving with your knees and eating a taco.

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Cover Image Credit: Instargram//Madsbythesea

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5 Reasons Why Staying At College For The Summer Is The Ultimate Power Move

No school, no rules, summer vacation at the best place on Earth, also known as college.


As summer begins, it brings in the joy of no more school but for most what summer really brings is the sad realization that we have to leave our favorite place and go back to our boring home town with none of our new best friends. Although some have decided to stay at college for the summer and they will soon realize why this will be the best choice that they will be making all summer.


What's better than no school, warm weather, and most importantly no one to say, "Are you just going to sleep till 2:30 p.m. every day this summer?"

1. It's like the weekend, but every day

Do you know what weekends felt like during the school year when you didn't have anything to do? No? You never had any free weekends? Wow, I'm so sorry. Well, imagine a weekend that you didn't have to do anything. Now multiply that one weekend by seven and you get seven Saturday like days where you do not have a single care in the world.

3. No "Go cut the grass!"

For the sons, you know that annoying time every week when your dad is going to say, "Go cut the grass." There is nothing you can do to get out of it. Well, staying at school for the summer means no more nagging. You get to choose what you do now.

4. The bond of friendship

The friends you make when you stay at college for the summer are different than any other bond. Mostly because you all don't have a care in the world since it's summer in your favorite place. It's a right of passage to call someone your summer college best friends. These are best friends that words wouldn't do justice.

5. The townies

Everybody always wonders what happens to a college town when all the college kids go home. Well, the townies come back in full swing and take their town back. If you stay at your college, you get to experience what most can't even describe in words. To the one mid-40s guy trying to relive his glory days. To the old men hitting on the college girls at the local pub. To the weird towny creatures that make you shiver with fright as you drive past them. Have fun townies, you only have three months.

That dream of "I wish I could just stay here at college with all these people but have no responsibilities" is finally coming true.

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