Papers, exams, group projects, studying, more papers, more exams, work, extracurriculars, friends, family. When you have all of these things in one week, it can get messy. In college, you learn a lot about time management, and a lot of students become very good with it. With all of this, however, comes a lot of sacrifice. That sacrifice usually comes from your sanity and mental stability.

Since starting college, I have become a different person. Since starting nursing school specifically, I have become a nutcase. Every single day I weigh the pros and cons of quitting and moving on. I wonder why it has to be this way. The obvious answer to this question is a job, financial stability for the rest of my life, and to grow as a person. I am slowly realizing that this is a load of barnacles. No, parents, your college was not as hard as it is for us now. It was not as competitive as it is now. You were not basically forced to further your education even more than you really need to just to get a job good enough to feed yourself and put a roof over your head like we do now.

I am not whining. I am not complaining. I am legitimately asking this question: is all of this really worth it?