As a college student, we take over 100 credit hours by the time we graduate. We've been through tons of professors. We've had professors from different areas, different backgrounds, and with different degrees, but all of these professors had the same goal: to help their students learn and succeed.

But it wasn't until my senior year of college that I came across a professor who tore down her students.

As my teacher, you're supposed to be someone that I can look up to for guidance. You're supposed to help me succeed in my academic career so that I can succeed in whatever I do when I graduate. You're supposed to build me up.

As my teacher, you're NOT supposed to get snappy when we ask you for help. You're NOT supposed to give us bad grades because you don't agree with what I have to say. You're not supposed to tell us that "too many people made an A on this test so I'll have to make the next one much harder."

Unfortunately, I was given a professor who runs her classroom like this. She makes us feel bad for asking questions. She gives out grades on whether or not she agrees with what we are saying. She makes comments that makes it seem as if she wants us to fail.

That's not what a good professor does.

A good professor would be willing to help us when we ask for it. A good professor would realize that half of her class is struggling with the content, and would do something to help everyone understand. A good professor would realize that not everyone is going to have the same opinion.

I chose to go to college to further my education. I wanted to learn more. I wanted to be here. And since being in college, I've always been surrounded by faculty that wanted to help. I've always had professors that told us they would do whatever they could to make sure we succeeded. They gave us any and everything they could to help us.

But then, I encountered this professor, who tears down her students.

I hate that I dread a class just because of the person who teaches it, but I feel defeated every time I enter that room. I want to be built up, not torn down.