1. Smart Water - Engineering

Smart Water is engineering majors because instead of normal water, it's gotta make a simple process like water treatment more complicated by being "vapor distilled," much like how engineer majors make anything more complex than it really needs to be. Plus, they are truly freakishly smart.

2. Powerade - Sports Medicine

Powerade comes in all different flavors and specialities much like Sports Medicine majors. It's also full of electrolytes which is good for hydration when working out.

3. Minute Maid - Education

Education is Minute Maid because it makes kids happy, makes parents happy, and comes in a variety of flavors much like education majors who range their teaching levels from preschool, elementary, middle school, high school, and college levels.

4. Coca-Cola - Advertising

Coke is competitive as we all know, and it is constantly compared to Pepsi. Advertising majors know how competitive the advertising world really is. Much like Coke, advertising majors know how to spread the word and draw attention to events, products, and services.

5. Diet Coke - Business

Diet Coke has no time for fun as it cuts out anything that gives it flavor compared to delicious regular Coke. Much like business majors who are always dressed to the nines, talking about stock market rates, and their accounting homework, there is no time for fun in the business world.

6. Fanta - Language

Fanta is popular all over the world, and each country seems to have their favorite flavor of this soda. Much like Fanta, language majors are vibrant and cultured as they are well aware of the many different cultures across the globe and are fluent in not one language but two sometimes even more than that.

7. Sprite - Political Science

With Sprite, it has two flavors constantly battling to get your attention with the lemon and lime twist. Political Science is the exact same thing with the majors splitting into two sides constantly arguing as to why their side is better than the other but sometimes they come together and it is truly beautiful, much like when the lemon and lime flavors come together in Sprite.

8. Vitaminwater - Pre-Med

Vitaminwater is much like a Pre-Med major. Pre-Med majors are serious all of the time and tired, but when you really get to know a Pre-Med major, they are actually quite wild when they don't have to study for a biology exam. Much like Vitaminwater, Pre-Med majors have a surprising "flavor" to them.

9. Fresca - Psychology

Much like Fresca, Psychology majors are confusing. Some really want to go to grad school while others are solidly convinced they will have a job like someone on CSI. Fresca is kind of the same; like is it water or is it a soft drink? It just can't make up it's mind (pun intended).

10. Honest Tea - Pre-Law

Honest Tea doesn't need any artificial sweeteners; its taste is straight to the point, much like a Pre-Law major. You may meet a few "simply sweet" Pre-Law majors, but most are direct and want answers immediately. They don't have time for you to bullshit them, and they can more than likely tell when you do. Honest Tea doesn't try to bullshit you like most teas on the market (I'm looking at you Brisk).

11. Odwalla - Computer Science

Odwalla is a Computer Science major - you don't know what is in it but you know it's got to be good for you (compared to other Coca-Cola drinks). Much like Computer Science majors, the world of computers and technology is constantly evolving so they have moments where they have no idea what they are doing, but they know this major will pay off in the long run.

12. Coke Zero - Marketing

Coke Zero is Marketing majors because it knows how to sell anything even if it's crappy. Coke Zero has no flavor, but with it's phenomenal marketing skills, people still buy it. Marketing majors specialize in finding the correct market to sell anything to.

13. Mello Yellow -Philosophy

Philosophy Majors just seem mello all the time and it probably from reading a lot of Aristotle, Socrates, and Plato. Philosophy majors are extremely deep and well in touch with their soul, much like Mello Yellow. At first when you taste it, it just tastes like an orange soda, but the longer it lingers in your mouth it tastes like lemon, lime, orange, and grapefruit.

14. Fuze - Vet Med

Fuze comes in different styles, colors, and flavors. Vet Med majors are constantly observing different animals and coming up with different diagnoses for animal issues. You never know what you are going to see in the daily life as a Vet Med major.

15. Dasani - Economics

Dasani is Economic majors because while it seems like water, Dasani is actually more complex with the different added minerals and vitamins that are added to give it flavor. Much like Economic majors, they know Econ is not as easy as it may seem and is rather complex until you get a hold of things.