If College Majors Were Taylor Swift's "Lover" Album Lyrics, The World Would Be A Lovely Place

A few weeks ago, Taylor Swift released her sixth album, "Lover", and it just might be her best album yet. Some of the songs on the album are her catchiest and most heartfelt. The songs are all great in their own way, and if you listen closely, you'll hear some lyrics that remind you of your college major. While the album isn't written about college , I'm sure there are some lyrics that almost every student will recognize as a part of their studies.

1. Elementary Education: "Hey kids! Spelling is fun!" ("ME!")


Sometimes, if you want to teach something to your young students, you have to make it seem like the most fun thing in the world. And while some people think this lyric is too cringey, I think it's the perfect way to engage your elementary students.

2. Interior Design: "We can keep the Christmas lights up 'til January." ("Lover")


Interior designers are always trying to find the most artsy way to design a home. Christmas lights are incredibly artsy and are the perfect touch to any living room (or dorm) all year long.

3. Architecture: "I am an architect, I'm drawing up the plans." ("I Think He Knows")


This is probably the most self-explanatory lyric in this whole list.

4. Psychology: "Wanna see what's under that attitude." ("I Think He Knows")


Every psychology student always wants to figure out why a person may have a certain attitude about them. They would probably be among the first people to try to understand why a person acts the way they do.

5. Creative Writing: "But if the story's over, why am I still writing pages?" ("Death By A Thousand Cuts")


Creative writing majors never truly stop writing stories. Their professors may give them page limits for stories, but chances are they completely ignore that rule. For them, there are so many new elements of the story to explore, and they will never be satisfied until it's finished.

6. Theater: "Would've been right there front row." ("I Forgot That You Existed")


Theater majors are always supporting their friends in every performance they have. You can guarantee they'll be in the front row for every single play, musical, or concert their friend is in. They'll always support their friends' artistic endeavors.

7. Film: "'Cause cruelty wins in the movies." ("The Archer")


Sometimes film students want their films to be happy, make jokes, and have a good lesson at the end. And other times, they just want to make their audience cry. Films may not always have a happy ending, especially when new filmmakers are trying to find their distinct style.

8. Communication: "I've got a hundred thrown-out speeches I almost said to you." ("The Archer")


Communication majors will write hundreds of speeches throughout their college careers, and while they're writing their speeches, they'll go through many drafts in order to write the perfect one. If you were to look in a communication major's wastebasket, you'll probably see pieces of paper with rough drafts of speeches that didn't make the final cut.

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