College majors say a lot about our identity, but so does our favorite ice cream flavor. Here are some college majors as ice cream, which one would you choose?

1. Business: Cookie Dough

Business majors are simple, yet complex. They are a staple college major and contribution to society, just like chocolate chip cookie dough is a staple ice cream in our freezer!

2. Psychology: Cookies n Cream

When people eat Oreos, they either eat the cookie part first, the icing first, or eat the whole cookie together as one. So put the different ways people think about eating the cookie into an ice cream flavor to mix it all up and make it complicated. The complicated ways that humans think, translated into an ice cream flavor.

3. Communications: Vanilla

The most commonly chosen major and the most commonly chosen ice cream. No further explanation needed.

4. Education: Bubblegum

Sprinkles and bubblegum flavored ice cream are fun, just like kids! So, of course, Education majors are the flavor that brings us back to our childhood and reminds us of the huge mess we made anytime we ate dessert.

5. English/Writing: Chocolate

Writing majors are an essential to the function of our society and they provide rich insight to every aspect of our life. Their ability to make even the simplest things seem intriguing and wonderful is much like chocolate ice cream's rich taste that makes it the foundation of the ice cream world.

6. Nursing: Mint Chocolate Chip

Nursing majors are sophisticated and intelligent. They are calm, collected, and mature. Their mind can relate all the information they learned to create a successful outcome, much like mint chocolate chip ice cream combines flavors to create an awesome taste.

7. Art/Theater: Neopolitan

Art and Theater majors have many talents that make them excel in their performances. Neopolitan ice cream has multiple flavors that make it excel in its deliciousness. There are one in the same.

8. Biology/Chemistry: Coffee

With the amount of work Biology and Chemistry majors have to do, they might as well have a cup of coffee with their bowl of coffee ice cream!

9. Political Science: Rocky Road

Political Science majors have a whole lot of crunch and complexity in their minds, just like rocky road.

10. History: Butter Pecan

They both provide you with a rich and sophisticated experience.