If College Majors Were Ice Cream Flavors

If College Majors Were Ice Cream Flavors

The most commonly chosen major and the most commonly chosen ice cream.

College majors say a lot about our identity, but so does our favorite ice cream flavor. Here are some college majors as ice cream, which one would you choose?

1. Business: Cookie Dough

Business majors are simple, yet complex. They are a staple college major and contribution to society, just like chocolate chip cookie dough is a staple ice cream in our freezer!

2. Psychology: Cookies n Cream

When people eat Oreos, they either eat the cookie part first, the icing first, or eat the whole cookie together as one. So put the different ways people think about eating the cookie into an ice cream flavor to mix it all up and make it complicated. The complicated ways that humans think, translated into an ice cream flavor.

3. Communications: Vanilla

The most commonly chosen major and the most commonly chosen ice cream. No further explanation needed.

4. Education: Bubblegum

Sprinkles and bubblegum flavored ice cream are fun, just like kids! So, of course, Education majors are the flavor that brings us back to our childhood and reminds us of the huge mess we made anytime we ate dessert.

5. English/Writing: Chocolate

Writing majors are an essential to the function of our society and they provide rich insight to every aspect of our life. Their ability to make even the simplest things seem intriguing and wonderful is much like chocolate ice cream's rich taste that makes it the foundation of the ice cream world.

6. Nursing: Mint Chocolate Chip

Nursing majors are sophisticated and intelligent. They are calm, collected, and mature. Their mind can relate all the information they learned to create a successful outcome, much like mint chocolate chip ice cream combines flavors to create an awesome taste.

7. Art/Theater: Neopolitan

Art and Theater majors have many talents that make them excel in their performances. Neopolitan ice cream has multiple flavors that make it excel in its deliciousness. There are one in the same.

8. Biology/Chemistry: Coffee

With the amount of work Biology and Chemistry majors have to do, they might as well have a cup of coffee with their bowl of coffee ice cream!

9. Political Science: Rocky Road

Political Science majors have a whole lot of crunch and complexity in their minds, just like rocky road.

10. History: Butter Pecan

They both provide you with a rich and sophisticated experience.

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Global and North America Erythritol Market Shares, Trends and Company Analysis by 2018-2023

Market Research Explore offers a comprehensive study on market trends and market status.

 Market Research Explore recently announces that, research report Global Erythritol Market 2018 analyses the crucial factors of the Erythritol market based on present industry situations, market demands, business strategies adopted by Erythritol market players and their growth scenario. This report isolates the Erythritol market based on the key Vendors, Type and Applications.

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The global Erythritol market will reach xxx Million USD in 2018 and CAGR xx% 2011-2018. The report begins from overview of Industry Chain structure, and describes industry environment, then analyses market size and forecast of Erythritol by product, region and application, in addition, this report introduces market competition situation among the vendors and company profile, besides, market price analysis and value chain features are covered in this report.

Most Leading Key Players are :

Zibo ZhongShi GeRui Biotech
Zhucheng Dongxiao Biotechnology
Shandong Sanyuan Biotechnology
Baolingbao Biology

Market by Type:

Erythritol Powder
Erythritol Granular

Market by Application:

Personal Care
Health Care

The Erythritol report provides the industry environment covering Erythritol policy, Erythritol economics, Erythritol sociology and Erythritol technology. Furthermore, the opportunities and the threats to the development of Erythritol market are also covered at depth in this research document.

Initially, the Erythritol manufacturing analysis of the major industry players based on their company profiles, annual revenue, demand, sales margin, growth aspects is also covered in this report, which will help other Erythritol market players in driving business insights.

Acquire Full Copy of Research Report Here: https://www.marketresearchexplore.com/report/global-and-north-america-erythritol-market-status-and-future-forecast-2013-2023/70096

Key Highlights Of The Erythritol Market :

1. The fundamental details related to Erythritol industry like the product definition, product segmentation, price, variety of applications, demand and supply statistics are covered in this report.

2. The comprehensive study of Erythritol market based on development opportunities, growth limiting factors and feasibility of investment will forecast the market growth.

3. The study of emerging Erythritol market segments and the existing market segments will help the readers in planning the business strategies.

Finally, the report Global Erythritol Market 2018 describes Erythritol industry expansion game plan, the Erythritol industry knowledge supply, appendix, analysis findings and the conclusion.

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Global Low Molecular Weight Heparin Market 2018 Rising Applications in Medical & Healthcare Sector - Research Report

The report includes production data, consumption data and revenue data across worldwide. The Market share and growth rate is also mentioned.


Global Low Molecular Weight Heparin Market Research Report

The recently revealed report titled Global Low Molecular Weight Heparin Industry 2018 Market research Explore is an in depth study providing complete analysis of the industry for the period 2018 – 2023. It provides complete summary of world Low Molecular Weight Heparin Market considering all the most important business trends, market dynamics and competitive scenario, Product & Service, Business Operation Data, Market Share.

Do Enquiry Before Accessing Report Here : https://www.marketresearchexplore.com/report/global-low-molecular-weight-heparin-market-survey-and-trend-research-2018/70714#enquiry

The report provides apothegmatic info of the Low Molecular Weight Heparin market on a worldwide scale supported the past-present size and Low Molecular Weight Heparin market forecast situation within the kind of graphs, tables, pie-charts to assist all the prevailing further as new Low Molecular Weight Heparin market players in creating selections which is able to favor the expansion of Low Molecular Weight Heparin trade.

Worldwide Low Molecular Weight Heparin Report offers associate degree intensive analysis of various Low Molecular Weight Heparin market segments like assertive key players their visions that is in a position to facility the readers in analyzing the Low Molecular Weight Heparin growth opportunities.

Top Major players : Company (Aspen, Sanofi-aventis, Pfizer, Opocrin, Dongying Tiandong Pharmaceutical, Dongying Tiandong Pharmaceutical, Changzhou Qianhong Bio-pharma, Techdow, Yantai Dongcheng Pharmaceutical Group etc.):

The development industry prospects on the basis of analysis, finally, analyzes opportunities for investment in the industry at the end of the report.
Industry Chain
Raw Materials
Consumer Preference
Industry Overall:
Development & Trend
Market Competition
Trade Overview

Access Full Report with TOC Here : https://www.marketresearchexplore.com/report/global-low-molecular-weight-heparin-market-survey-and-trend-research-2018/70714

Region Coverage (North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, Middle East, Africa):

Regional Market
Production Development
Regional Trade
Regional Forecast

For more information about this report:

Company Profile
Product & Service
Business Operation Data
Market Share
Investment Analysis:
Market Features
Investment Opportunity
Investment Calculation

The report provides key statistics on the state of the industry and is a valuable source of guidance and direction for companies and individuals interested in the market.

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Sales Manager
Chicago, IL United State

Email @: sales@marketresearchexplore.com

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