If College Majors Were Thanksgiving Foods
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If College Majors Were Thanksgiving Foods

With fall break right around the corner, we can't help but dream of Thanksgiving dinner (AKA something other than dining hall food, takeout or our own cooking).

If College Majors Were Thanksgiving Foods
Stacy Spensley (Flickr)

With fall break right around the corner, we can't help but dream of Thanksgiving dinner (AKA something other than dining hall food, takeout or our own cooking).

While thinking about Thanksgiving, I couldn't help but think about how different personalities, or majors, go with certain foods. Can you guess which food represents you?

1. Communications- Mashed Potatoes

Sometimes the mash potatoes have lumps, but that is easily resolved. Mashed potatoes can fix any issue or, in your case, talk your way through anything. You're prepared to get the job done and support that gravy.

2. Architecture - Rolls

Architecture is all about beauty and appreciation of that beauty. Dinner rolls, with their flakiness and perfect air bubbles, are no different.

3. Engineering - Turkey

To get the perfect turkey takes a lot of preparation, recipe research and some calculations, just like engineering. There are many kinds of engineers as well, just like all the different parts of the turkey, which are similar, but not quite the same.

4. Political Science - Stuffing

Stuffing is the jack of all trades. It goes with a lot of things and tries to appeal to everyone, like a future politician or diplomat.

5. Marketing/Advertising - Green Bean Casserole

Most people would most likely not eat cut up green beans, but add mushroom soup and fried onions and poof! Marketing and Advertising majors know how to spin the unappealing into a family favorite.

6. Economics/Math - Brussel Sprouts

You have to have very specific taste buds in order to like it, but if you do, you love it.

7. Business - Gravy

Not only will they most likely be bringing in all the money in the future, but they're a staple major, which is reliable and seen by non-business majors as safe. However, while seemly simple to those on the outside, gravy can be too thin or thick, just like how business classes can be hard.

8. Art - Cranberry Sauce

You're unique in comparison to the other Thanksgiving foods. You are brighter than all the other foods and have a distinct taste. You can be structured (from a can) or free-flowing.

9. Foreign Language - Sauerkraut

You bring something different to the party, but it adds a new dimension to Thanksgiving.

10. Education - Apple Pie

Education majors have to be sweet and fun while also having structure, just like a good apple pie.

11. Nursing- Sweet Potato and Marshmallow Casserole

You try to promote health but you also need the marshmallows (your sweetness) in order to keep your future patients happy.

12. Psychology - Carrot and Pea Mix

Psychology can be a mixed bag when it comes to all the topics you learn about, much like cubed carrot and peas mix.

13. English - Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie is seemly simple but the crust must be perfectly flaky and the filling needs the right amount of spice, just like writing.

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