College Life Told By The Gilmore Girls

College Life Told By The Gilmore Girls

Where you lead, I will follow anywhere that you tell to...

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College life is rough, but at the same time it is fun and exciting! People say that college is the best four years and you should enjoy every second of it because it's over once you graduate. Yes, people might be right about that, but college gives you a lot of stress, your body changes, and your perceptions change. You become more knowledgable, you gain experience, and you gain about 20 pounds, but that's college life for ya!

I've recently fell in love with the Gilmore Girls. My cousin showed me the first few episodes and I couldn't watch it after that because I didn't have Netflix. I know not having Netflix is a shocker, but I have it now! I finished the series and started the new season recently. I thought, "Why not write an article of Gilmore Girls talking about college life?" So here it is! This is for my fellow Gilmore Girl lovers!

1. College expectations...

2. Wanting to have a bunch of college memories

3. Thinking that you'll actually like morning classes so you schedule 8:00am classes...

4. Waking up too early on the weekend

5. Mondays...

6. COFFEE is your best friend, your person, your significant other, your love.

7. When you daze off and the professor decides to start calling on people

8. Watching movies and eating with your roommate(s) at night

9. The stress of your workload finally crushing you...

10. Having no time to do laundry

11. Stress eating during finals week

12. When the stress gets to you

13. Driving back home (particularly for my Oneonta people).

14. When it's finally the end of the semester and you're home...

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