College has been an amazing experience despite the fact that we come in broke, confused, and lost. Everyone will eventually learn their own tricks to surviving life on their own.

Enjoy these hacks that I have discovered on my own so far!

1. Take a screenshot of your schedule and set it as your lock screen.

This is super helpful for the first week of classes when you haven't had it memorized yet. This way, you can just have it right on your phone and you are ready to go.

2. Use colored pens and highlighters while taking notes.

This has helped me so much because it is a great way to organize your notes in an aesthetic way.

3. Breakfast in a mug.

If you don't have a kitchen but have a microwave, you can cook some meals in a mug. My personal favorite was scrambled eggs in a mug.

4. Find practice exams for your classes!

Practice makes perfect: Search "site:edu (subject) exam" into Google.

5. Make friends in your classes and get their contact info.

You will thank me later when you are in bed with the flu.

6. Don't buy books from the bookstore.

Buy Books on Chegg or Amazon instead of the bookstore because they are usually cheaper.

7. Put your alarm somewhere that forces you to actually get out of bed to turn if off.

Morning classes can be difficult to get up for, and it is so easy to just press the snooze button and be late to class.