College Kid Gift Guide

With the holidays coming up, one of the biggest struggles I have is finding the best gifts for my friends and family, especially when buying on a budget. If you're struggling to find the best gifts for your favorite college students, here are a few ideas to go by! (They may not work for everyone, this list is based off of past purchases)

For girls:

1. Cute sweaters

2. Scarves

3. Makeup (make sure you ask for their favorites first, this can be tricky!)

4. Nail polish

5. Cute hats

6. Gift cards

7. Money (while it seems impersonal, sometimes a girl just needs to fill her tank)

8. Books

9. Pens, pencils, notebooks

10. Candy

11. Wristlets, purses

12. Canvas prints/wall hangs

13. Candles or burners

14. Leggings

15. Fuzzy or high-knee socks

For guys:

1. Sweatshirts

2. Body spray

3. Candy or other foods

4. Videogames

5. Gift cards

6. Wallet

7. Sports apparel

8. College gear

9. Money

10. Razors (these things are expensive)

11. Sport of Concert tickets

12. Watch

13. Shoes

14. Can cozy

15. Hats

For both:

1. Mugs

2. Gas station gift cards

3. Amazon giftcard

4. School supplies

5. Phone accessories (cases, headphones, etc.)

6. Wine or Beer glass (for those who are of age!)

7. Personal gifts (such as photo books, pillows, nice card, etc)

8. Car accessories

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