Being in college is not easy by any means. We are finally on our own and forced to be both independent and self-sufficient.

That is not to say that we are perfect, because college students are far from it. We make poor decisions EVERY day. We try to tell ourselves that our actions will never have consequences and always think of the best case scenario, but we know that life definitely does not always work out that way.

Here are 17 totally blatant lies that undergrads tell themselves on a daily basis:

1. I can stay out until 3 AM and still make my 8 AM

2. I will not spend money today

3. I will dress nice to classes this semester

4. I will not procrastinate

5. Calories do not count at night

6. I will get a 4.0 this semester

7. I'm going to do laundry today

8. I will study tonight

9. I'm going to the gym before class

10. I will clean my room

11. I am doing great

12. I don't need to study for my test

13. I get enough sleep

14. I am not addicted to coffee

15. I will start eating healthier

16. I will only go out once a week

17. I am going to get my life together