Balance. A simple term defined as "a condition in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions. " Seems simple right? Not as easy as it sounds.

College is a long, challenging process of constant trial and error. An amusement park ride jam-packed with highs, lows, abrupt turns, and jams. No matter how overwhelmed or unenthused were feeling, a key part to maintaining your well-being is learning balance.

Learning to balance your social life, your academics, your family life that may distant, and your overall well-being can be challenging. I am most definitely not a pro at tackling all challenges of college, but Id like to think I've learned a few tips and tricks that have never failed to help get me by and keep my balance on the rocky road of college.

1. Be Selfish

No, I do not mean don't share your clothes or food with your roommate and friends. In the most simplistic terms I mean that it is okay to focus on yourself. So often it is easy to get wrapped up in trying to please others because we spend almost all of our time being surrounded by our peers, sisters, roommates, professors, and just people in general, that it's okay to take time to just be alone with YOU. It's actually scientifically proven to help reduce anxiety and stress levels.

2. Get Involved, but Not Too Much

This is where some of us start to load a trillion and one different things on our plates because we want to be the perfect student and save the children, feed the hungry, and get straight A's at the same time. It's not entirely possible. We're not superheroes, were barely adults. Instead, invest the time you realistically have into things that you are passionate about.

3. Sleep and Food ARE Key

You may think that there isn't enough time in the day, but you need to learn how to manage that time. A vital part of your day should be taking care of your body. We are over-stressed, sleep-deprived college students who are just trying to make it from class to class and test to test without falling apart. However, naps and nutrients are vital to keeping our bodies going otherwise, we are going to crash. Catch up on that extra sleep you need, and have a snack while you're cracking down on Bio. It'll pay off.

4. Enjoy Yourself

Many of us forget that these are basically the last 4 years of our lives where we get to make mistakes and still be able to use the excuse that we're just "young dumb kids", because after graduation a young dumb mistake becomes a career-ending blow. As great as it is to spend our time getting involved and grinding in the library, its also just as important to let ourselves relax. Spend the weekend dancing on grimy frat house floors with your friends, ordering Dominos at 1 am, and shuffling to get breakfast the next morning in an oversized groutfit because our time is limited, and we should make the most of it.

5. Dont Be Afraid to Let it Out Every Now and Then

If you ask any college student how they're doing, the most common answers lie along the lines of "hey, Im alive", "I didnt skip any classes today, thats a start", or "Why am I here?". It is 1000% okay to hit that point of "ugh". The one where you sleep through your 3 alarms for your 8 am, cry on the phone to your mom after you failed a test because your life and career is over, or stuff your face with McDonalds because who do you need to impress anyway. We're all human, no one expects us to be perfect.

This is all where balance comes in. When all the crazy, different elements of college life can be handled in almost equal proportions. And if they're not, its okay too. Balance isn't about having it all right, its about learning how to let it all go and be okay. Tackling one thing at a time and taking it one day at a time.