Every senior in high school watches movies about college and thinks that it will be exactly the same, and trust me, it is not. College is actually very different from the movies. Yes, there are crazy parties sometimes, and yes, the school work is hard, but there are so many things that movies and shows just don't portray accurately.

One of the biggest things that movies get wrong is the fact that they show professors as not helpful and very strict. Most professors in college actually do want to help you, and they really want to see you succeed. Yes, there are some that are very strict, but the majority of the professors are laid back and want you to do well in their classes.

Another thing that the movies get wrong is the partying. Yes, there are college parties, but people also study and do school work more than party. College is actually a place to get an education, so don't expect to be going out and being wild every night. Also, parties in college are much smaller, and much more crowded than the movies show. Don't be surprised when your expectations are not met when you go out to your first party.

Finally, what most people don't realize is that in college you will get homesick and you will miss your family, which is perfectly normal. You will also create some of the best memories of your life as well, and meet amazing people while you are there and they will be your friends for a lifetime. So, don't worry too much about college, because it will be an amazing time and you only get to live out those four years once in your life, so try to make them the best you can.