We all love the new found freedom of being away at college, but there are still plenty of things we miss about being home. Here are five things I miss most about being at home.

1.Getting homemade food:

My family has always made some of my favorite homemade meals. From the Tabouli only my Memaw could master to the Mississippi mud my Gammy slayed. Each dish was made with love and care for everyone being served, and when I'm away at college the food I tend to eat is made in bulk so nothing is the same. My school is also limited in the different foods they make. I've yet to come by the Syrian food I love at the cafe, and when I'm able to find the typical Southern meal it's just not the same.

2.Having sleepovers with my siblings:

One of the things I loved about being home was the occasional sleepovers I would have with my siblings. It was always fun to curl up in bed and watch a Disney movie while eating goldfish and gummies. My siblings would of course fight over what order we would watch all of their movies, but now that I'm away, I miss the little arguments they would have.

3.Going to Church with my Grandpa:

I'm ashamed to say I didn't go to Church with my Grandfather every weekend, but the times I did were times I cherished. I didn't always agree with the word being delivered at the Church we went to, but after it was over I was always able to explain how I felt to my Grandpa. I also miss making fun of him to the other older men at the services and pretending like I'm doing my job of keeping him in line. Sunday mornings are wonderful with my friends, but I will always have a soft spot for going to Church with my Papa.

4.Playing with my Pets:

Nothing is quite more comforting than laying in bed with one of my cats on my lap. No matter what mood I'm in, I know that my Cat Lily will bet there to make me feel better. She is also fun to play with, especially since she thinks she's a dog. Watching how the outside kitties love my little sister was also always one of the highlights of my day.

5. The Monthly Family gets together:

The biggest thing I miss about being home is the family get together my family would have once a month. My family has always driven me crazy, but we are a rarity in this present day because we are close. I also love seeing my Memaw because she's the Goat.(Greatest of all time)

I will always cherish the time I have had in college, and I would never trade it for the world, but I will always miss the things I'm leaving behind at home.