Months have passed, times have changed, grades have both improved and dropped, and the stress of trying to find a summer job and internship have consumed the minds of all college sophomores and juniors. While there are those that are securing these fantastic internships, there are the vast majority of us, especially us second-years, that are struggling to cope with the reality that we cannot secure an internship. The result is immense stress, wandering minds, and a slew of unwanted thoughts.

Am I not involved enough? Is it because of my age? Do I need more experience?

I, like most of my fellow classmates, am in the same boat: applying to well over 50 internships and yet to hear anything back. I'm left feeling disheartened and sad by this reality, as you want to get ahead and find a means of adding experience to your resumé. But, you constantly find yourself scrolling through emails and LinkedIn in hopes of that one employer that seems to want you, and you often find yourself perusing through empty screens with nothing in sight.

With summer just around the corner, the hopes of getting that internship right now are becoming slimmer and slimmer. And although I would have loved to work in a professional office setting to enhance my skills and knowledge, there is also relief and ease after many days and hours being spent applying to a number of things, just in hopes of getting that extra resumé booster. Now, while my friends who do have secured internships are worrying about the daily commute or the time that they will lack to enjoy the freedom of some of your last summer breaks, I will be able to gain the work experience and knowledge that will be used in my future endeavors.

It's OK to not be OK with settling for an average job.

And even though I know that I wanted to solidify an internship or a job that would promote my academic interests, I have come to say that it is OK. Whatever experience that you can get right now will prove effective in your future internship and career endeavors. Your time management, focus, and passion will all come to benefit you in the future.

It's OK not to have an internship this summer. It's OK to be forced to settle for a basic job for the summer. It's OK to enjoy your freedom as a college student. It's OK to be OK with the fact that it is harder than it looks, and there is immense competition. It is OK to not be OK.