Things college kids do during the holidays

10 Things Your Average College Kid Will Likely Be Doing This Holiday Break

We just finished finals...give us a break.

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Don't get me wrong, every student is unique in some way or another. To be honest, though...most college kids probably don't know what that special, unique feature is yet. I can't even tell you how many times people have asked me what I want to be when I grow up. When I was five, I answered, "a princess." When I was ten, I said, "an Olympic gymnast." Now I'm a senior in college and here's my answer...ASK ME WHEN I'M RETIRED.

Yeah, I'm supposed to be an adult or whatever you call them. Don't worry, I'm still a responsible daughter as I am beginning my Christmas present shopping (for people other than myself) this week. T-minus 10 days until Christmas. OMG, not panicking. IT'S FINE, I'M FINE, EVERYTHING'S FINE. Deep Breaths. Winter break is great: you get to spend all the money you don't have on presents that won't belong to you, you get to see your favorite little cousin who "plays" with your hair like it's her Barbie's, and get to make a bunch of fake promises to yourself for the New Year when the whole world knows you'll break that promise on January 2nd, 2019.

In all seriousness though, I LEGIT love the holidays! Being with family and friends is what it's all about, especially after a long week of rough finals and bitter students EVERYWHERE! But now it's time to chill.

Here's everything I expect from my college friends this winter break:

1. A text message that reads: I can't hang out because my family is going to my Grandpa and Grandma's annual Christmas party

I've been waiting all quarter to see you, and now you tell me you're still not home yet? I need you more than your grandparents do, come home now please and thank you.

- Your Best Friend

2. A confession: I'm a broke college kid, I can't buy you anythinnnnnng

Yeah, I'm making gifts this year hehe.

3. A party: To celebrate finals being over and/or prepare for those final grades

Tis the season, to be REAL jolly!

4. A useless present: Although, I love avocados, so I'd be pretty stoked

Image: It's an Avocado ! on Make a GIF

I made a Christmas list this year and sent it out to the whole fam. Watch me get five of the same exact gift.

5. Pure laziness: To loungeeeeee all day every day

Catch me inside, how bout that? It's freezing.

6. A true holiday: In other words, some sort of gift exchange

If one more person steals my gift during White Elephant, I quit.

7. Tears: When daring to check those final grades

Yeah, sorry Professor, you're getting a bad teacher evaluation. Thank you, next.

8. Lies: When they claim to be getting into shape

Biiiiiiiiiiish, please, your Snapchat location says you're at Taco Bell, not the gym.

9. More lies: Dieting

Can't get enough of that Dorritos Locos Taco from the Bell.

10. THE UNSPEAKABLE LIE: Practicing that New Year's resolution

My New Year's Resolution this year you might stop making them!

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