This past weekend, I went to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. While I was there, somebody managed to steal my phone along with a few of my other things. I would consider myself a very aware and alert person for my age, but sometimes they just get you.

1. Phone wallets are a no

Most college people have those little sticky card holders on the back of their phones... not a good idea. I kept everything in there for the convenience of not having to tote around a purse. The issue is if somebody ends up taking your phone, they take basically everything. So if you want to use one, don't keep important cards, such as debit/ credit cards, in there.

2. Have some pepper spray

They come in small containers that can attach to your keys and you can have it with you if you ever have to walk in a dark area or if you ever feel uncomfortable in a situation. They also come in super cute colors too.

3. Don't keep all your money in one place

When traveling, you should always have some kind of cash on you because you never know what can happen with cards. It is always a good idea to keep your cash in at least two separate places in case something happens. That way you haven't lost all of it and have a way to still get home.

4. If you aren't driving your car, then don't bring your keys

When you finish driving, we usually put our keys in a pocket or a purse, but it is best to put them somewhere in your hotel. If your keys get taken, you will either be stranded or hope that you brought your spare key.

5. Never go anywhere by yourself

Traveling by yourself can be an option if you prefer to travel like that, but traveling in a group is generally a safer option. I wouldn't go off by yourself either, at least have one other person with you at all times

6. Use the safe in your hotel room for valuables

If you like to travel with your laptop or anything valuable, always put those things in the safe. Hotels are not as secure as being in your own home; therefore, it just a good safety move to make.

7. Don't put your purse on the back of your chair

Putting your purse on the back of your chair when you go out to eat is screaming "take me". Somebody can walk right behind you can swipe it. No good.

8. Just be aware

Make sure to just be aware of your surroundings and don't keep your head in your phone. If you ever feel uncomfortable, just remove yourself from the situation and take extra safety steps.