Sorry Girl, But I Won’t Put A Limit On Where I Wear My Nike Shorts And Leggings

Sorry Girl, But I Won’t Put A Limit On Where I Wear My Nike Shorts And Leggings

I feel confident and successful in Nike shorts and leggings, in and OUTSIDE of the gym.

For the past few weeks, I've seen so many articles about Nike shorts and oversized t-shirts and I'm not going to lie: I did not read them because I really didn't care.

I was like "wear whatever you want," you don't have to explain yourself to people.

The other day my friend sent me an article about a girl writing about how leggings and Nike shorts are for the gym and nowhere else.

At first, I was just like here we go again with another article about Nike shorts and telling girls that they shouldn't do something because it's "degrading."

But I actually decided to read this article and I'm actually kind of heated.

First I want to start off by saying I am not one of the girls that wear oversized shirts, I don't even have one oversized shirt. I also just bought two Nike shorts at the beginning of the summer and I have only worn them a total of three times, but I do wear leggings at places that aren't the gym. I feel like this Nike shorts and leggings only belong in the gym article is complete nonsense.

What's the problem with wanting to be comfortable?

No one wants to sit in a four-hour lecture class in a dress or jeans. I think it's absurd to think girls should wear jeans or a dress to a four-hour lecture. I don't need to be wearing a dress to a two-hour final exam, but I will wear one to a speech or a sports banquet. I think girls have a sense of when they should wear Nike shorts or leggings with an oversized t-shirt and when they need to dress more formal.

For you to sit there and write an article about how your not going to be successful if you wear Nike shorts to class is not necessary.

Why be formal if your just going to be sitting down in a cold room listening to someone talk about something that you really don't care about but need to know to graduate. Some of us don't have time to find a cute outfit to wear and go to the gym and shower 3 times a day because we're studying, trying to get our degree which is why we wear leggings and Nike shorts.

Just like you, I went to private school and maybe you don't believe girls should wear Nike shorts or leggings to class because you never really had the chance because you had to wear a uniform.

I believe a girl should wear whatever she thinks is comfortable, if she thinks jeans and dresses are comfortable, okay then wear them. But if she thinks leggings and Nike shorts with an oversized t-shirt is comfortable, then let her wear leggings or Nike shorts with an oversized t-shirt. A girl shouldn't be judged because shes comfortable in something that you don't find to be cute to wear in public places that aren't the gym.

If guys can wear sweatpants or shorts all the time and be called cute, why can't a girl wear leggings or Nike shorts and not be called trashy?

Cover Image Credit: Seeing Sunshine

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Are you looking for Red Wing boots for sale?

Many people are looking for the best prices on these boots and that is why I wrote this article. Red Wing Boots UK  are so durable and high quality that they have been very popular for many years. They are very comfortable and last longer than any other work boot on the market. However, because of their outstanding quality, they can be a bit expensive. Of course if you are looking to buy these boots or shoes you will want to get the best deal possible.

Why are Red Wing Boots so popular?

Red Wing footwear has been made in  USA. These boots are almost entirely made by hand and every step in their manufacturing process is carefully inspected to be sure they meet the quality standards set by the founder,  Moc toe style Oro russet portage ( oil tanned)  . There are so many different styles; there is something for every taste and line of work. These high quality, durable work boots are made to withstand severe abuse, yet to be comfortable to wear.

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Wearing comfortable work shoes can be the difference between a great day and an awful day. You know how tough it is to work when your feet are hurting. Red Wing footwear is known for being very comfortable as well as durable and long- lasting. Now there are even many styles to complement the latest fashions.

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About Site:

 Making the perfect mens leather boots - with reference to Red Wing and Fracap (see links below). Both are hand made and last forever. Please reference the history of both companies (Red Wing: Fracap: 

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The Basic's; 10 Things All Women Need In Their Closet

Everyone has those few pieces in their wardrobe that they wear almost everyday!

(1) A pair of yoga's

        -Every sweater, dress shirt and cardigan looks great with a  pair of black yoga pants. I gravitate toward them because they not only look great, I feel comfy! What is better than looking great and feeling great at the SAME TIME? I tend to go for two different styles. One if a more dressy thicker pair to wear with dress shirts and cardigans. They usually have pockets in the back and are  tighter on my thighs and loser toward the bottom. (not much though) TJ Max is the store for those.    The other style is high waisted, thinner material. Something I usually wear with a big sweater or sweatshirt. I usually throw them on for a car ride or to sit through class at college.  My main store for those is Fabletics!! 


(2) A  pair of flats! (Preferably Black) 

    - Shoes can determine the style of your outfit most times. Adding a pair of black heels can turn a semi-casual outfit into something dressy. BUT a good pair of ballet flats can be a perfect way to make an outfit cute and dressy while still being comfy. This is a great choice for my girls who can't balance on those heels. I feel that!  


 (3) A basic tee!  

    -Ever wondering what to wear under a marron cardigan? Basic tee! Have a really cute jacket that you need something thin to wear under it? Basic Tee! Have a crazy pair of Harem Jogger pants and not sure what shirt would go? A Basic Tee! If nothing else you can pick up from this article, I hope that it is the fact that basic tees are SOOO helpful!!! B&W strips are really fun way to step out of your comfort zone with something that still goes with everything, but adds some dimension to the outfit. 

(4) A statment Jacket

   - I love jackets for 2 reasons. One, they are a great way to set the style of the outfit with an assessory. Like a leather jacket, paired with leggings, high heels and a belt! Two, Jakets are soooo practical! They keep you warm and no-one looks at you like a crazy person for being cute instead of warm. You just conquered both. Every girl should have at least a leather and a jean jacket! Leather when you want to feel like a bada** and jean for when you want to be all cute and summery. 

(5) A Jean Skirt

   - Now this wasn't a big one for me until recently. Being a thicker girl it was harder to find jeans that fit well with some stretch. ( If you couldn't tell, I love comfy!) I finally caved and bought a stretch pair of American Eagle Jeans and they are THE BEST THING EVER! I highly recommend. They not only are so stylish and up with the trends, but also not the type of jean you want to take off as soon as you get home.

 (6) Sneakers

   - Two kinds of sneakers you should keep in your closet. One pair for working out and outdoor actives, and the other for the dressy workout look. Yes I know, it sounds contradictory. That workout clothes can be dressy. It is something along the lines of a white zip up, black nike tights and white sneakers. (Like what is pictured below) Sneakers have blown up in the fashion industry, more and more awards ceremonies have seen sneakers paired with an array of dressy and pantsuits. 

(7) A Little Black Dress

    - It sounds way more scandouls than it needs to be, But it can be whatever you want honestly. A black dress can be so versatile. You can dress it up for a night on the town with the girls, or pair it with a cardigan and flats. They are a great statement piece for whatever you are needing it to be! They give you a little bit of the effortless beauty we all desire. 


(8) Heels!

    - If you had not picked up on it, shoes really do help determine what style your outfit is. I have a brown and a black pair of wedge heels and reach  for them equally is much. For me a black pair is more on the dressy side; a night on the town. Where a brown pair is more for a afternoon with the girls. I seem to be one of the growing number of girls that cannot naturally walk on stilettos, and that is why they made wedges. Not a full wedge, but a thick heel style to give you the height you desire and the balance you need.   

(9) A cardigan 

   - Above we talked about pairing many  of these pieces with a cardigan to not so much dress it down, but dress it comfy. Cardigans give the effect of fashion, but also the warm and cozy feel. Neutral colors are what I would suggest just starting off, because with anything, it will be the easiest to pair at first.   Cardigans make it really easy to layer as well. Like a stripped tee, black cardigan and a bold solid scarf with heel and a dark denim jean. 

(10) A patterned summer dress

     - This may be my favorite basic. They are SO cute and so easy to just throw on when you "have nothing to wear". They go with almost any shoe and jacket, they make you look like you put in the time to look cute. It is a complete outfit with only one part! 


  The best thing about basics is that most people already have them in their closet. Just not utilizing them as much as they could be! 


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