College Girls, Chivalry Is NOT Dead But Please Stop Chasing The 'Bad Boys'

College Girls, Chivalry Is NOT Dead But Please Stop Chasing The 'Bad Boys'

Stop looking for Chad from the top tier frat at your school and start noticing the actual nice guys

Okay, get off your dating apps for a second and just listen to me. You're not going to find Mr. Right on Tinder or any other dating app out there. I promise you if you do find someone, the odds of you ending up with that person are pretty slim. If it does happen for you, then you're one of the really lucky ones.

Stop worrying about being with someone and just focus on bettering yourself and someone great will come along later. Yes, it'll suck to be alone for a while but if you surround yourself with the right friends then it won't be lonely.

I promise the guys you're getting off the dating apps most likely won't be worth it later. There are other ways to meet your future husband or boyfriend without the internet and that's called meeting them in person. Join some clubs, sports, or even just in class.

Although I may write about how 95% of men aren't looking for anything serious, I never truly talk about the 5%. I firmly believe that there's a strong 5% of men that have good intentions. I've met men that fall into this category, yet I still fall for the ones that fall into the 95% category.

We can't always blame everything on men even though it's easier to do that. As females, we tend to like the "bad boys" when all the bad boys are going to do is break our hearts. We are taught growing up from many movies that a good girl can change a bad boy but I promise you in real life you can't do that.

Stop chasing the bad boys hoping that they'll change their ways for you because for the most part, it doesn't end up the way it does in the movies.

There are guys out there with good intentions, I promise. You just have to stop looking in the wrong places or just looking in general. Just take it slow and when the time is right someone great will appear when you least expect it.

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