A College Girls Guide To Makeup
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A College Girls Guide To Makeup

a look at whats in my makeup bag.

A College Girls Guide To Makeup
Claire UK

As a human that loves makeup, I would love to go to Sephora for all of my makeup needs. However, as a college student on a budget I normally end up with drugstore brands. And while there is a huge difference between Maybelline and Too Faced, I've managed to find some great products that are sold at Wal-Mart that work just as well.

1. CoverGirl's 'Ready Set Gorgeous'

This is my absolute favorite thing, maybe ever. It boasts being oil free and safe for sensitive skin, which is important for me because I have pretty sensitive skin. And let me tell you this stuff is magic. I've been using all three of these products, concealer, foundation and powder for almost two years now and they're so good. It's fresh, oil free and has great all day coverage.

2. Lancome Blush Subtil, Summer Mocha Havana

To be completely honest I got this wonderful blush as a sample and I completely fell in love with it. It is the perfect shade and it's a really great blush.

Maybelline 'Master Contour V', 0153

I don't contour a ton but this little stick is the most convenient thing. It has a darker shade on one side and a highlighter on the other side making it easy to use and easy to blend.

Maybelline 'tru blend minerals' Blush

This loose powder is awesome to just brighten up the face. I always use it after I've done my base makeup. I especially like the blush color because it pales up the foundation and balances out the tone.

Maybelline's Nudes Collection, The Nudes, The Rock Nudes and The Blushed Nudes.

I really, really love these three palettes. They work well together and they have every nude and neutral color imaginable which makes for great options and each palette can be intertwined.

Revlon ColorStay Skinny Eye Liner, very black

I have small eyes so I like to have small eyeliner lines. This stuff is by far the best liquid eyeliner I have ever used, and it's always the last thing on my face when I take my makeup off every night. It's incredibly durable and doesn't run.

CoverGirl LashBlast Fusion, very black

This mascara is absolutely wonderful. I have (weirdly) long eyelashes, so sometimes it's hard for me to get them looking full without looking stringy. This mascara though works well and provides great volume!

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Color,

This color comes in a gloss form but when it dries, it dries matte which is so cool. I have this is almost all the colors it comes in because it's long use and long wear and it comes in a ton of cool shades.

NYC Smooch Proof LipStain

I wore this product for years when I was dancing, for performances because it does not come off. Ever. You can drink water and eat and it just stays right there. Which is probably why they call it smooch proof.

Bath and Body Works, Forever Red

I was told once people who smell good are more confident. This scent is by far my favorite and I wear it almost every day. It's how I top off my look and I love it quite a bit.

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