10 Things Every College Girl Does When She Is Hungover AF

We have all been there. It's all fun and games when your best friends are forcing you to take another shot, until you wake up in the morning feeling like Regina George when she got hit by the bus.

No matter how hungover you are, and no matter how many times you say you are never going to drink again, you will manage to find a way to indeed drink again.

Here are 10 things that happen when you are hungover AF.

1. Throw-up, puke, vomit.


Pick your word choice poison, it's happening regardless.

2. Say "I am never drinking again."

You're lying to yourself, and you know that, but it's tradition.

3. Dream about Gatorade.

God's water.

4. Beg your roommates/parents to get you a bagel.

That thing with a hole in it is the only thing that can make you feel whole again.

5. Take Advil like it's candy


"It says you can take 2." *Takes 4*

6. Complain 24/7 because you’re hungover and you can.

One of the perks.

7. Facetime all your friends to recap the highs and lows of the night.

The best and worst part about a hangover. #hangoveranxiety

8. Lay in bed for majority of the day.


9. Take a shower and rejuvenate into a new person.

And you start to feel your limbs again.

10. Go out again and repeat the process the next day.

See number 2 😝

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