If you walk through any college campus you'll see multiple girls dressed in Nike shorts, baggy t-shirts, and leggings. While that is easy and nothing wrong with dressing that way I just don't.

What does get under my skin are the people who constantly ask why are you dressed up, why are you dressy, or what do you have planned for today.

As a girl in high school, it was rare I dressed sloppily to class. That being because my high school had a no leggings or sweatpants policy. So that just transferred over to college for me.

Also with college, I have always had the idea that I need to hold myself to a professional standard, or to a higher standard to impress the professors who will hopefully one day write me a recommendation letter for a job.

Now have I dressed up every day of every year I have been in college? Heck no. Why? Because some days I just haven't felt like it. This year is a little different though.

During the summer I was given a job offer. My job requires me to come here straight after school. Now do I have to be dressed to the nines for this job every day, no, but I do have to look presentable.

In my workplace, Nike shorts and baggy t-shirts are not presentable. Also this year I am in my senior level classes. These are the classes that are going to help me in my career.

These teachers are the teachers who are going to help me in my career as well. I want to show them that I know how to dress professionally.

To me personally, I feel like if I don't dress like this almost every day it's going to be hard for me to change my wardrobe when I get in the workplace or the "real world".

So just because I have on a cute outfit and not a t-shirt and shorts doesn't mean I have to have a place I'm going to. It just means that I want to better myself, but that doesn't mean the people who don't dress like me won't succeed. I just like to dress this way.