Tips on how to live life as an incoming freshman

5 Tips To Learn To Survive College If You’re An Incoming College Freshman

It can get just need to find your balance.


As freshmen starting a new life in college and also being in a new environment, everything will be so exciting and fresh to you and you can find yourself distracted and then it would become easy to forget the major purpose of you being in school. So in order for you to know how to balance your new academic life and social life, here are some tips that would help:

1. Parties can wait, your grades won’t:

I know there would be so many events and parties that would be happening during the first week of the semester, and it might all be an exciting way of introducing you to college life. However, one thing you should remember is what you're in school for: to get a degree. You can go to all the parties in the school but if you miss classes, it will affect your g.p.a and you might end up not graduating with your peers at the end. So, its important for you to know how to balance your classes with your social life so both of them won't suffer.

2. Check for cheap textbooks online before buying at your school bookstore:

Textbooks are surprisingly really expensive, so be sure to look for cheaper textbooks before considering buying from your school. One way you can get cheaper textbooks is online; most students who have taken your classes already are willing to sell their textbooks for a cheaper price so make sure you look for those options before buying the expensive ones in the bookstore.

3. Figure out where your classes are before you resume the semester:

If you've never been to the school campus before you should go a few days before classes begin to check out where your classes will be. This is so that you don't get lost on the first day and then be late to your classes.

4. Go to school events and make new friends:

When you have learnt how to balance your school and social life, you should attend more school events so you can find people you have things in common with. This will help you find new friends you can share your college life and experience with, and even end up being life-long friends with.

5. Ask questions, ask questions:

Being in a new environment might make you socially anxious to talk to anyone, but it is very important for you to ask questions when you need answers. If you need to know something or confused about the lifestyle in the school, there are people ready to answer your questions so don't be shy to ask questions.

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