College can be overwhelming as you begin your freshman year. You're transitioning from living with your family to living on your own and this will be rougher than you expect. During your welcome week, you'll begin to meet so many people from various countries, states, religions, and countless other different backgrounds. This could possibly be shell-shocking, especially if you're used to a smaller community or college and you are starting to attend a university; However, this will be one of the best decisions of your life. It'll be full of eye-opening experiences, allowing you to travel to other countries to provide aid or study and will show how you will succeed beyond your expectations.

The day you move in will be so unbelievably hectic and you'll feel the butterflies in your stomach. You'll unpack and begin setting up your room with your family's help. You can tell that they're excited for you, but you'll notice the sadness. This will also make you sad and the first night, you'll feel lonely. The best advice I can give you is to become best friends with your roommate and fellow dorm residents. Put yourself out there and hang in the common areas. You'll find people who are in your major and classes and will be very helpful to your mental health and classwork.

Your welcome week is designed to make you put yourself out there. Even if it may not be something you have done or feel interested in, give it a shot! It'll be a great way to try new things and possibly meet people who will be your friends for the rest of your life. By being put out of your comfort zone, it'll help you begin getting acclimated to college, and that's a big fucking deal. So many things are going to become available to you for your future and you will need to be ready to jump at those opportunities.

Finally, once you start getting the hang of things and have found your people, find ways to get involved. Look up student organizations such as Student Event Board, Hall Council, Relay for Life, and any other unique opportunities. Giving back to people with your friends will help you make memories to last a lifetime and will positively influence others. This door opening for you will truly make a change in your life for the better–all you have to do is get yourself out there.