College Activities Based on Enneagram Type

When you're in college, no matter what year you are, it's easy to forget all the opportunities that you're surrounded by when you're stuck in a rut. But the good news is that whether you're a freshman or senior, you can always expand your social circle and resume with new hobbies. So let's get started!

1. Type One: tutoring or career mentoring


Type ones pride themselves on making a difference in the lives of others. They are very conscientious and detail-oriented! They would do amazing tutoring math or writing (depending on what they're most drawn to!)

2. Type two: animal rights club or Special Olympics


Type twos are so caring and would do amazing at any kind of volunteering gig! There's usually plenty to choose from on a typical college campus.

3. Type three: theatre


Type threes know how to work hard, which is exactly what theatre requires. They'll know how to keep everyone around them in line.

4. Type four: feminist club or writing for the school paper


Type fours (like myself) love to advocate for what they believe in. They're some of the most passionate people, they just need a creative outlet to let it all out.

5. Type five: mock trial


Type fives are fiercely logical and focused; they're definitely your top political science, criminal justice, and forensic science majors!

6. Type six: a business fraternity


Type sixes want to make friends and gain the life skills they need to succeed in their future career. What better way than joining a business frat?

7. Type seven: speech and debate


Type sevens are made to be up on a stage, and it really shows. If there's no speech and debate team at their college, they should start one.

8. Type eight: intermural sports


Type eights want to make friends and feel the adrenaline pumping. Sports will never not be the way to go.

9. Type nine: a yoga or meditation club


Type nines have a knack for making their atmosphere more calm and tranquil. They'd be the best people to introduce a yoga or meditation club to their campus!

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