Finals Week As Told By Buddy The Elf

Finals are here or are fast approaching, and that means to get ready to pile on all of your stress. We have so much to cram for and so little time to study, eat or be social. But don't worry, Buddy knows exactly how we're all feeling.

You begin studying and all of the caffeine hits you at once and you can't stop smiling.

You try to cram all of your missed meals into one very big meal.

You try and figure out how to fit everything you need to study into one day.

Your professor tells you that the final isn't cumulative.

You look at your current grade in the class and realize you could have studied more throughout the semester.

How you feel about the professors who actually do make their finals cumulative.

Having to apologize to your roommates after having a mental breakdown.

Wanting to see your friends when you get a break from studying but now they're busy.

When you look at your notes to study and realize you are not prepared for this.

You try and waste time on your way to your finals so you press every button on the elevator.

When you're guessing on a question during the final.

You finally finish your last final and now get to go home!

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