College expectations that nobody tells you
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College expectations that nobody tells you

College expectations that nobody tells you

1. Your bod and brows have seen better days

That freshman 15 might not be 15, but your abs have definitely turned to flab. And, let's be honest, the money it costs for a good eyebrow wax isn’t as good as that pizza you just got delivered, so you are stuck plucking your brows away in fluorescent lighting with shitty tweezers you probably bought at a grocery store. Your good bod and beautiful brows do not follow you to college.

2. Laptop=Life

You bring your laptop everywhere you go and headphones to match. Sometimes it is used for homework, most times it is a get away from you near mental breakdown for some Netflix and chill with yourself.

3. You wear deodorant more and shower less

Although talking to your best friends while they shower next to you might be cool sometimes, wearing flip flops so you don’t step on other people’s hair, cold water, and the girl singing in the shower next to you might not be on your schedule today. Just slide on some deodorant and put your hair in a bun and you’re fabulous!

4. You spend less money on makeup and more on food

So, let's say, you might wear make up a maximum of 4 days a week because we all know you’re not caking anything on your face before that 8 am— that’s already less makeup than the typical high-schooler wears. At age 16 people noticed if you didn’t cover your zit, now people pop them in public bathrooms and get on with their lives; And let me assure you, nobody in your 300-person lecture is looking at your bare face. Anyway, let'sbe honest, chipotle sounds a lot better than dining hall chicken for the fourth time this week, so you might just sacrifice your MAC makeup for a burrito this time.

5. You might wear a shirt twice without washing it, or three times…

Sorry kids, mom isn’t doing your laundry anymore. You might wear your favorite shirt once, even twice without washing it. It doesn’t even smell, right? Well here, things are a little different. Your laundry might build up but to distract you from that haunting bin of clothes, and the smell of your already twice worn shirt, you re-watch your favorite episode of "Friends" to pass the time.

6. You are a lot more comfortable naked

Given that you live with someone in a room that is probably smaller than your room at home, you get pretty close with your roomies. Your private life isn’t exactly private anymore. Late night phone calls with your boyfriend are more like a party plus one, reading a book is a luxury and being able to change without someone else in a 20-foot radius of you simply doesn’t happen. Better get comfortable with your new freshman 15 body because unless you want to walk all the way to the slimy community bathroom every time you change, you better get used to being nude.

7. You're convinced your sleep schedule will never be normal again

Eating dinner at midnight and taking 6 hour naps during the day have become normality. Even going home for the weekend can’t fix that. You might have a slight fear that it will never be normal again, don’t worry, it might.

8. That sandwich in the fridge is a week old, but sandwiches don’t have expiration dates, right?

Food never goes to waste around here. Eating a good sandwich but not having the willpower to finish it quite yet will never stop you from shoving it in your bag for later, because you know, in a week it might sound tasty again!

9. Your shoes are trashed, but you wear them anyway

Your shoes are like your best friends. They go everywhere with you, you go through hard times and good times, and they are your favorite things to dance with. But, when your shoes get spoiled and rotten you decide it's time to throw them away and find new ones. Wrong. We don’t have enough doe in our pockets to be buying new converse every tailgate season, so throw those babies in the wash because they are your best friend for life now (or until you finally get enough money to buy new ones).

10. Facebook is back

Haven’t updated your profile pic since 2012? You might want to get on that because Facebook is the up and coming. Twitter fights are so high school and Facebook is all the rage. So upload a new pic and type out a status and tell the world your back and ready to poke!

11. It's the time of your life

Although the food sucks, showers are no longer a stress relief, and your shirt smells, college is the best place on earth. It’s a place you meet your bridesmaids, maybe your husband, and make some unforgettable memories (or forgettable). You think you love your life as the queen bee of high school? Let me tell you, it's nothing to compare to the college experience. So buckle up and get ready to college!

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