We're in college. We have no money, but we do have you. While we won't be able to get you much, we'd love if you could get us any of these things (especially number 11).

1. Candy


Throw in all their favorites! I'd bet money that almost every person loves Reese's cups, KitKat bars, and M&Ms.

2. A cute ring dish


Make it personal to them! I love cats so I would die if I received a cute ring dish like these ones! If they love flowers, find a floral one! If they love geometric shapes, look for one like that!

3. Gift cards


We college students are broke. While we know you don't like giving us cash because who knows where we will use it, give us a gift card instead! A gas card, grocery card, or gift card to our favorite store would do wonders for us!

4. A spring themed water bottle


5. Easter themed socks


Everybody loves socks!

6. A little prayer box

If you're like me, you refuse to spend money. I'd never buy myself something so cute, but I've always wanted one so badly!

7. An embroidery set for beginners


We'd love yet another thing to distract us from doing our homework.

8. Some geode bath bombs


Again, we'd love to have cool stuff like this but we cannot really afford it. If you threw one of these in our basket, we would love you (more than we already will) forever!

10. Flowers


It's always a nice gesture to have some flowers in the basket!

11. A rescue cat to add to the family


Leave all the of the above behind and just put a cute cat in (or near) a basket. That would be the best Easter gift ever. Have fun topping that!