A List Of Must-Haves For The Dorms At The University Of Oklahoma
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Student Life

A List Of Must-Haves For The Dorms At The University Of Oklahoma

These are some things you may not find on Pinterest college boards.

A List Of Must-Haves For The Dorms At The University Of Oklahoma

This next fall I will be a sophomore at the University of Oklahoma, so I wanted to share with the incoming freshman and transfer students some tips for the dorm rooms. These are some of the things I bought that really made my dorm feel more like home and less like the sardine can it truly was. I am big on having a safe space to retire to after an emotionally draining day of classes and socializing with others, so I spent quite a bit of money (my own money) to make my dorm my personal oasis.

Step Stool

Store Recommendation: IKEA

If you plan on raising your bed up like I did, this will help you out so much. I didn't want a lofted bed with my desk and dresser underneath because I knew after a long day at classes, the last thing I wanted to do was have to climb all the way up into my bed. Even if you don't decide to raise your bed or you loft it, having a step stool will also help you with putting up decorations. I used mine a lot on the days following move-in day to hang up my fairy lights along where the ceiling and wall meet.


Store Recommendation: Bed, Bath & Beyond and Target

The tile floors in the dorms are ATROCIOUS. They get so nasty with everything you and/or your roommate track in on your shoes and they are cold af at night, believe me. Investing in some good rugs won't only help with this, but it can also add to your decor and make your room feel more like home.


Store Recommendation: Walmart

I can not tell y'all how many times I would get messages through our floor group chat asking if someone had a vacuum or broom they could borrow because they didn't have one. I personally bought a vacuum at Walmart instead of a broom because it is so much easier and convenient. I also felt like a vacuum cleaned the floors better since it wouldn't leave a line of dirt behind like you would if you used a broom and dustpan. If you have rugs, this will also be much more practical for cleaning your dorms.

Mattress Topper

Store Recommendation: Walmart

Without a mattress topper, I would have never slept during my freshman year. To be quite honest, my bed in my dorm was so much comfier than my dorm back home. It was like sleeping in a big, warm pillow every night. My sleep was so good that I slept through a few of my morning classes… oops. But for real, you NEED to invest in a mattress topper. I used a 3 inch one, but I know some other people used anywhere from a 2 inch to a 4 inch.


Store Recommendation: Walmart

If you are like me and need to sleep with some kind of noise, having a fan is great. The dorms don't have ceiling fans, so I bought a desk fan from Walmart for like $15. The fan was perfect on its lowest setting for everyday use and I would turn on high when I would come back from a workout or from the heat of Oklahoma days. If you have enough room, you could even get a standing, oscillating fan which would help keep air moving in your small space.


Store Recommendation: Walmart

I didn't buy lamps until I moved into a single room halfway through my first semester, but they were total game-changers. The overhead lights in the dorms are the god-awful fluorescent lighting that can send me into a migraine with a snap of the fingers. I thought my fairy lights around the entire room would be enough lighting, but they weren't. I ended up going to Walmart and got a cheap floor lamp and a desk lamp, and with those and the fairy lights, my room was bright enough for me to do whatever I needed but also dim enough for me to fall asleep in. I personally don't like a whole bunch of lighting, so if you're like that, I definitely recommend getting some lamps!

These are some of the top things I recommend bringing with you if you are a new or returning student to the University of Oklahoma's dorms! Of course, these items are pretty universal when it comes to other college dorms, so definitely check these out if you are the class of 2020 that just graduated high school.

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