If Your College Intro Classes Were Taught By 'Parks And Rec' Characters
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10 Introductory College Courses And How They'd Change If Taught By The Pawnee, IN 'Parks And Rec' Department

8 a.m. lecture would be so much easier to sit through.

10 Introductory College Courses And How They'd Change If Taught By The Pawnee, IN 'Parks And Rec' Department

My latest Netflix binge has consisted of NBC's "Parks and Recreation," and I have to say it's currently sitting at one of my favorite shows. It's hard not to love the relationships between the residents of Pawnee, and I think it'd make for an entertaining educational environment. What if they taught our college classes?

1. Public Administration: Leslie Knope


Who needs a company-issued textbook? Leslie would definitely make her own in binder format, and you'd learn everything you'll never need to know.

2. Fashion Marketing: Tom Haverford


Tom knows everything there is to know when it comes to fashion. He even had his own store, Rent-A-Swag, so he also knows the business side of it.

3. United States History: Ron Swanson


Ron may not be overly excited about government, but he does love his guns, grilling food, hard work, teaching people to live off the land and lots of bacon. That's basically everything Americans are supposed to stand for.

4. Art Appreciation: Garry Gergich


This man can make anything sound positive, even Comic Sans, and honestly, he had the best idea for the new mural.

5. Trend Forecasting: Donna Meagle


Donna is the fun-loving, fashion-forward sass queen that everyone needs in their lives. She's all about what's in and what's next, but she's also business savvy. She helped Tom find property for his restaurant, and she's not one to turn down a shopping trip.

6. Acting: April Ludgate


April may act like she never cares about anything, but we all know that deep down, she does, even if just a little. Her and Andy's antics never fail to make us laugh, though, especially when it comes to Janet Snakehole and Burt Macklin: FBI.

7. Rock 'n Roll Appreciation: Andy Dwyer


He may have lost his way for awhile, but he's always been one to appreciate the classics. As the lead singer of Pawnee's greatest band, MouseRat, he'd definitely be down to teach the youth about music. He even helped Ben with a music charity through Sweetums.

8. Therapeutic Communication in Nursing: Ann Perkins


A good nurse knows how to care for their patients, but a great nurse also knows how to talk to them. Ann was a lovable ray of sunshine who was kind to even her meanest patients *cough cough April*.

9. Tabletop Games and Leadership: Ben Wyatt


Ladies and gentlemen, it's the Architect himself, Ben Wyatt. The creator of " Cones of Dunshire" would pretty much be over the moon if he got to teach it in a class.

10. Nutrition for Sports and Fitness: Chris Traeger


This is literally the greatest idea he's ever had, and if you didn't read that in his voice, shame on you.

As a member of Miami University Fashion and Design, I'd be running to sign up for Tom and Donna's classes, but I'd definitely take classes with anyone in the Parks and Rec department any day. Should Pawnee's local college ever need more professors, I think they'll know where to look.

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