4.0 Things You Need To Do For College Classes, Once You Actually Show Up
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4.0 Things You Need To Do For College Classes, Once You Actually Show Up

Because just showing up is not enough.

4.0 Things You Need To Do For College Classes, Once You Actually Show Up

Everyone can admit that they want good grades in their college courses.

The question is how do you obtain them and maintain the grades you have earned? Many people will say "you can't receive good grades if you don't attend class."

This is true, however, there is more work required than just attending. The truth is, many students are attending class regularly and still not making the marks that they wish for. The problem is the time in class is not being spent correctly. There are four things that every student needs to do in class that will help them progress.

1. The first thing that every student should do is read the material before coming to class.

I like to think of it as a sport. Would you come to your game without your jersey or uniform? No, I don't think so. You aren't prepared to play. How can you expect to make good grades when you aren't prepared to learn. Reading material before hand will prepare you for the upcoming class period. Reading will allow you to know what you do not understand before you go to the class. This is important because you will know what to pay extra attention to during the lecture. It will also help you gain clarity learning what you are good at and not so much by being able to practice and learn the material before hand.

2. In class, it is also important to be engaged and not to let your mind wander.

Being engaged also includes analyzing the material. You can successfully analyze the material by looking for key words in the text or if it's a math class analyze every step to solve the problem. Remeber to also take good notes. You will have to look over your notes numerous times through out the semester, it is important to write your notes in a fashion that will be understandable later. Another important way to be engaged in class is to focus when the professor emphasizes on a concept idea. A good way to tell if it is important to write down or remember is if the professor repeats the same phrase over or says it louder. If there is any homework announced also remember to write it down in your planner.

3. Another vital way to spend time in class is to ask questions.

It is crucial to ask questions about what you don't know. This will show the professor you are engaged and that you care. It will also allow them to familiarize themselves with you. Know what type of questions to ask by assessing what you do not understand. Another great thing to do is to directly ask the professor questions after class. This will help you gain understanding and will improve your performance overall in the class.

4. Making friends in the class will help greatly.

If you ever miss a class this will be the person who can help catch you up and vice versa. You can also study with your new friend and have someone to compare notes with. Whatever you don't understand your friend will be able to help you with and you will gain a new perspective because everyone learns differently.

If you utilize the four steps of reading material before hand, being interactive in class, asking questions and making friends in the class you will be successful. There are several ways to study, however, there is only one way to be successful inside the classroom. Your professor will greatly appreciate your diligence and it will help you greatly.

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