13 College Bookstore Purchases And What They Say About You

13 College Bookstore Purchases And What They Say About You

Your college visit purchases say a whole lot about how you feel about the school.

On every single college visit, I had to visit the bookstore and normally came home having purchased something. Recently, I've had a few students shadow me on campus, and I took each of them to the bookstore to purchase some souvenirs.

Although at times I found it difficult to discern whether they were enjoying their visit or not, I found the easiest way to tell was by observing their purchases. Lots of merchandise definitely meant a lot of interest, but what do smaller purchases mean?

What you buy at a college bookstore says a lot about how you feel about the school as a whole. So, here's a break down of what each item means:

1. A t-shirt

College t-shirts are definitely a classic. Sometimes, this means, "I like the school, but I might not get in." T-shirts are a way to rep the school, without too much commitment.... or maybe you're just looking for another square for your college t-shirt quilt.

2. A sweatshirt

Once you get into sweatshirt territory, prices are starting to get a little higher. This tends to mean "I'm seriously considering going here" or "I really hope I get in." Worst comes to worst, this sweatshirt becomes pajamas in case you can't wear it on your future campus.

3. A lanyard

You're not trying to make a big monetary commitment, but you want people to know you visited. You like the school, but you're not 100% sold on it. It's easy enough to remove from your keys if you change your mind.

4. A winter hat

Your tour was just really cold and finding warmth in any way, shape, or form was the first thing on your mind.

5. A baseball hat

Your tour was really sunny and you got tired of squinting in order to see the tour guide.

6. A backpack

You bought too many things at the bookstore and needed something to carry them around in.

7. "(Insert school name here) Mom/Dad/Grandparent" merchandise

There's a 75% chance you're a teenage girl looking for a cute and funny shirt, but a 25% chance you're actually a parent hoping your child attends that university.

8. A blanket

You really loved the school and you're already planning how you're going to decorate your dorm room.

9. A laptop/water bottle sticker

It's cheap and easy enough to remove. Your commitment level is pretty low, but you came all the way here and need something to show for it.

10. An athletic t-shirt

The ultimate low-commitment item. If you don't get in, you can still be a sports fan, particularly if it's a good sports school. Or maybe you're looking forward to the sports far more than the academics.

11. A shot glass

Cause you're ~so~ college.

12. $100+ of merchandise

You're about to put down your deposit, so why not spend a little more?

13. An actual book

C'mon, who actually buys books at the bookstore?

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5 Reasons That Every College Student NEEDS An Amazon Prime Account

The first six months are free!


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1. Your first six months are free.


When you sign up for an Amazon Prime account as a college student, your first six months are free. Free is a favorite word amoungst college students and an Amazon Prime account is no exception.

2. There are so many great shows and movies that you can binge.


If you have an Amazon Prime account, you are able to access Amazon Video which has a plethora of TV shows and movies waiting to be binged.

3. You get 2-day shipping to help with all of your last minute date party and mixer costumes.


If you need a bikini t-shirt for a luau party, no problem. A jersey for your hometown, check. A wig for a wiggin' out party, Amazon has it. You can get practically anything within two days.

4. Renting textbooks on Prime is SO easy.


Tell me something worse than having to rush to buy your textbooks before they sell out from the student union. Skip the hassle, Amazon Prime has all of the textbooks that you need.

5. You can order all of your groceries straight from Amazon Prime.


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Note: As an Amazon Associate, Odyssey may earn a portion of qualifying sales.

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