When I asked this question someone once told me, “It is what you make of it.” We have heard this statement time and again. Is it true? Is college really the best four years of your life?

I am going into my senior year and haven’t yet experienced the full four years. From what I can tell you it is a time in your life unlike anything else. It’s scary deciding your future in the midst of parties, relationships, and part-time jobs.

Change is the biggest factor. As a freshman it is incredibly exciting to begin on this journey of education, new environments, and becoming an adult.You finally have your own space. Not to mention--the parties are never-ending, the classes are cake, and the gym is never a part of the equation. At least you'll get your exercise somewhere.

That all quickly fades when you hit the infamous “sophomore slump.” This is the time in your college career where parties aren’t as exciting, you aren’t yet 21 and bars are not an option. Have you figured out your major yet? You can't take general studies forever.

Fear not sophomores because junior year gets you amped for the real reason you’re in college…your career. You will begin taking upper division classes and preparing for internships. This is a fun and exciting year, but by second semester you will feel like you may never see the light at the end of the tunnel. You will. It may take some summer classes, and extra effort. I highly recommend you take as many credits as you can between sophomore and junior year. You will thank yourself senior year.

As difficult as college is, it is also incredibly rewarding. Not only are you taking the first step to a better future, but you are also going to find out so much about who you are. Your goals will align and you will find passion in things you never thought you were interested in. You will meet people that will ultimately be a part of your life forever. It is truly what you make of it. If you want it to be an amazing experience you have to allow it to be. Pledge a sorority or fraternity. Go on a date with that person you have always had a crush on. Stay up all night studying for a test and ace it. Make it the best four years of your life.