College, As Told By The Kardashians
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College, As Told By The Kardashians

"I sit there in class and I don't know anything, and it makes me feel so dumb."

College, As Told By The Kardashians

The Kardashian/Jenner "klan" is notorious for a lot, from their multiple television shows to their clothing and makeup lines to their incredibly lavish lifestyles. It's extremely difficult for a lot of us college students to explain the ups and downs of our lifestyles at school, but what better way to try to explain to our parents and family the feelings we have toward college than having the infamous facial expressions and questionable sayings from this crazy funny fam? While they are cut from entirely a different cloth than many struggling college students, many of their one-liners throughout episodes of the show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" captivate exactly what all of us 18- to 20-somethings are feeling on a daily basis while trudging through the "best" (try most stressful) four years of our lives.

When your mom calls questioning you about your bank statement from last month... Chill mom, I swear it all went to groceries and school supplies:

When your roommate eats your entire roll of cookie dough, and when asked about it she replies with, "Oh, I didn't know it was yours."

When you have a term paper due in two hours but the Victoria's Secret semi-annual sale is going on, you have no choice:

What you really want to say when your teacher asks "OK, any questions?" at the end of his three hour lecture:

Group projects:

The only thoughts running through your head during class everyday:

Thinking about all of the homework you have to do:

But realizing it's Sunday night at 10:30 and you still haven't started any of it:

Receiving bad news before you go out, but keeping your priorities in check:

Thinking of any excuse for a doctor's note and a missed class:

When that one kid in your 8 a.m. class never shuts up:

When your professor calls you out for being five minutes late:

This being your routine look and being 100 percent OK with it:

When your professor sends you an email saying class is canceled:

Trying to decide on one late night snack:

When your friends are getting sick of your negative attitude:

When the weekend finally rolls around:

When the cashier at the cafe tells you about his/her life story:

Trying to reason with yourself why it's necessary to go out:

Googling what salary people with your degree make:

But after all the stress and complaining, realizing you only have four years:

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