10 Apps No College Student Can Live Without
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10 Apps No College Student Can Live Without

Stop what you're doing, open the App Store, and download these now!

10 Apps No College Student Can Live Without

As a college student myself, it is a pretty safe assumption to say that if not all, most of us have an addiction to our phones. If we don’t know where it is 24/7, we have a mini heart attack until it is found. Who would have thought that even 10 years ago, our phones would basically be our entire lives? With that being said, our phones hold imperative tools called apps that greatly improve our quality of life

1. Tilt

The art of collecting money to reach a common goal has been a necessity throughout life. The app Tilt facilitates this process by making it easy for people to raise money securely and effectively online. I have used Tilt in multiple ways thus far in my short college career from raising money for a gift to paying for a T-shirt.

2. Spotify

No matter what activity you’re doing, there’s probably a song that goes perfectly with said activity. Spotify is a music streaming service that has revolutionized the music world by declaring a war on iTunes since it was introduced in the United States in 2011. Because the company’s services can be enjoyed freely or at a minimal cost, this proves to be more cost friendly for the budget-conscious college student who enjoys listening to music than iTunes.

3. Amazon

As someone who lives in a college town without a car, it can be annoying to consistently ask a friend for a ride to the local Wal-Mart for necessities when chances are, Wal-Mart might not even have what you’re looking for. The Amazon app is a quick, free, and easy way to buy those things you absolutely need. Also, the company provides a cheap service to get free two-day shipping for its Amazon Prime student customers.

4. Find My Friends

Don’t you hate it when you’re out with friends, and you can’t find someone? With this app developed by Apple, you can share your location with the people you choose to. PSA: You can turn this off whenever you’re feeling like hiding out for a little bit.

5. Dropbox

If your computer has ever crashed, it is one of the worst feelings in the entire world to lose everything you’ve worked on. Thanks to apps like Dropbox, your fears of losing that paper you’ve worked on for the past two weeks can cease to exist. In the app, you can upload files such as documents or pictures to the cloud and easily obtain them regardless of where you are with an Internet connection.

6. Mathway

Ah, Mathway—there is nothing more tedious than doing the same math problem four or five times and having no idea why you’re getting said problem wrong. The free version of the app will simply give you the answer, but the paid version gives you a step by step guide on how to do the problem.

7. Venmo

Venmo is a mobile payment service that allows its users to transfer money to its other customers. Because of this app, you can pay somebody back and collect from people who owe you money easily without having to deal with cash, and it goes to your bank account.

8. EasyBib

There is nothing possibly more annoying than receiving a paper back in a class and getting points off because you incorrectly cited something. No matter if you have to do it in APA or MLA, you can easily get the correct citation from EasyBib by simply typing in the title of the book or the URL of the website you need to cite.

9. GroupMe

GroupMe is a messaging app that allows for group messages of any size and can be used for any type of group. GroupMe has consistently proven to be an easy source of communication for my school’s Odyssey team and my pledge class, to name a few. Also, unlike grexts, you can easily mute a GroupMe that’s a bit too active and then get the important details later.

10. Netflix

I think this is pretty self explanatory, tbh.

While both Apple and Androids provide dozens upon dozens of apps that have proven to be effective for college students, the apps suggested above are only suggestions. Every student knows what apps he or she needs, but here are some apps that I have greatly helped me in my short-lived college career.

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