This morning, it was 50 degrees out. That’s right, it’s officially “Florida cold” out. If you’re a Florida native, you know that around this time of year, practically all of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut’s elderly population flies down for the winter season.

1. You, yourself have begun to scramble for the sweaters you’ve been eyeing since July when the retail world decided you needed to start looking.

2. If you’re not a Florida native, then you’ve been waiting for this weather because you thought you were surely going to melt if you experienced one more day of the heat.

3. Target has prepared for this day. The Halloween displays never really got their true shining moment.

4. Starbucks is ready, too.

5. Your friends who were just wearing shorts last Thursday are now rocking their Uggs and beanies.

6. You're excited. You know, it's officially begun.

The happiest time of year is here, and for Floridians, this is what we wait for all year long. We endure temperatures that creep into the triple digits, and then finally, we get to feel like we're actual participants in the holiday season. This is what makes Floridians jolly. This is what makes many Floridians smile, and for our visitors, this is what they came for.