Cold-Case Mystery #2 - The Supernatural Deaths of 9 Hikers at Dyatlov Pass

Cold-Case Mystery #2 - The Supernatural Deaths of 9 Hikers at Dyatlov Pass

Do you believe in the Supernatural? If not, you soon will. Let's see if you can find out what caused the bizarre deaths of 9 innocent hikers at Dyatlov Pass.

WARNING: The pictures below may be graphic for certain individuals. If you are sensitive to gruesome pictures, please take caution while reading. Unfortunately, this event did take place in the year of 1959—these pictures are very much real.

It was one unfortunate night on January of 1959 that would leave the world in hysteria for the next 50 years. Ten Russian hikers from the Ural Polytechnic Institute began to make their way up Otorten Mountain; today it is known as Dead Mountain. The winter weather kept worsening as they hiked up the mountain, and soon enough, one of the hikers fell ill and had to turn back. Little did he know, he would never see his companions alive again.

Two weeks later, there was no word from the trekking group that were last known to set up camp on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl. A search party was sent out to catch up with them. On February 26th, they found the campsite. What they found was horrifying. Two bodies were found near the tree line of a forest. The trees near where the bodies were found, had many broken branches almost as if it had been attacked. Investigators concluded the possibility that the hikers were trying to run away from something and climb the trees in a frantic manner, because there were no other tracks besides the ones of the hikers found. Oddly, they were wearing nothing but underwear. Three more bodies were found in between the camp and the forest. Of the three, one suffered a fractured skull. At the time, it was thought that the bodies had suffered hypothermia. The reason that the two bodies near the forest were undressed was perhaps due to a phenomenon known as "Paradoxical Undressing". This happens when a body becomes so cold (in the case of hypothermia) that the person feels as if they are burning like they are on fire causing them to undress. But how did that cause fractured skull?

When investigators took a closer look at the campsite, what they found was frightful. The tent was found in shreds—it had been torn up from the inside. The surviving hiker that had previously fallen ill was able to distinguish the belongings of the dead bodies. But curiously, there were foreign items that did not belong to any of the hikers. For example, a military cloth was found at the site that did not belong to any of the hikers according to surviving hiker.

It wasn't until two whole months later, they found the last four bodies in the hiking party buried deep within the snow. The last four bodies suffered more casualties than the other five. They suffered fractured skulls, broken limbs, crushed ribs, and one woman was missing a TONGUE. Scared? It gets worse. These bodies were found to be wearing the clothes of the previous bodies found near the forest. Perhaps they had survived and had taken the clothes to keep warm while building a cave in the snow to avoid the wintry weather. But why had they left the tent in the first place? What had caused them to leave in a havoc-like manner? After autopsy was done, it was found that there was no outward trauma, just inward trauma. The doctor reported that the trauma was in fact "too strong for any human to have caused it".

The clothes on the last four bodies were wreaking radiation. In fact the whole campsite was reported to have radiation all around it. The source of the radiation was never confirmed. Some people believe that a Russian Missile Testing had killed off the hikers explaining the radiation. But when looked into it, there was no sign of a missile hitting any nearby mountain. Most importantly, if a missile had hit the area, it showed no outside effect on the bodies.

During the time of the journey, lead investigator, Lev Ivanov, was convinced that the party had been killed by aliens. Reports are shown that 30 miles south of Dyatlov's party was another hiking group that had reported "bright spheres" in the sky. When Ivanov went to nearby military and weather stations, he found the same reports of brights spheres thought to be UFO's. In fact the last photo that the group ever took was a dark picture with a blurry bright light. The aliens could explain radiation, "inhuman trauma", and the well-covered tracks. This made him more convinced then ever only to have his investigation shut down by the Russian government in the upcoming months.

The theory of avalanches has come and gone amongst people. But it was pushed aside, because there was no outward trauma on the bodies. Plus how could a avalanche cause radiation and a missing tongue? Another theory, as bizarre as it is, is the Yeti. The Yeti is large, hairy, bear-like creature that is larger and more powerful than the average human. It can be compared to Bigfoot. Some people think the Yeti attacked the group, but at the same time, can you imagine the Yeti trying to clean up his tracks?

Today this area is known as "Dyatlov's Pass", because the leader of the hiking party's name was Dyatlov. Many theories have come and gone, but no one knows for sure. Was it aliens? Was it a missile? Was it the Yeti? What theory could put together everything found in this case? Do you think you've solved the supernatural deaths of nine hikers at Dyatlov's Pass?

Comment below your theories!

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Cover Image Credit: Christina Sharp

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