Coffee: One of the biggest blessings on planet earth. Coffee brings people together, it fuels our days, and it's just so dang good. One cool thing about coffee is that it can be enjoyed in many different ways and each person prefers theirs just a little bit differently. I truly believe you can tell a lot about a person based on their coffee order - or at least what kind of coffee drinker they are.

1. Black coffee


These people like to keep it simple. They may be a business person in a hurry, or they just simply want to enjoy the true flavor off coffee. Whatever the case, these people are real coffee drinkers and don't need cream or sugar to cut the bitterness.

2. Coffee with cream and sugar


The coffee with cream and sugar category is wide, mainly because the amount of cream and sugar varies from person to person. In this case, the color is also important. If their coffee is very light and basically looks like milk with a dash of coffee - these people are hardly "coffee drinkers". They are caffeinated milk drinkers. These people pretty much want the caffeine but can't stand the taste of coffee. On the darker side, they're trying to like the taste of coffee, but still need a little help from their friends cream & sugar.

3. (Insert flavor) latte with an extra pump of (insert flavor).


This is not coffee people. These people really just love the fact that they can drink something really sweet and call it coffee. Don't get me wrong, I love a good vanilla latte lightly sweetened every now and again, but there is such a thing as too sweet, and if this is your everyday order, I'm a little concerned for your well-being.

4. Cappuccino


This person loves foam, and there's a good chance they're sitting down for a chat or to do something artsy while they enjoy this drink. There's also a good possibility they just got back from Italy and are pretending they're still there (aka me whenever I order a cappuccino).

5. Pour Over

Total Coffee snob. The only reason one orders a pour over is if you don't want the drip coffee the coffee shop has brewed. But in all honesty, if you want a REALLY good, fresh cup of coffee, order a pour over. The process that goes into it may take a little extra time, but it really brings out the taste of the coffee.

6. Espresso


This person is no-nonsense. They just want caffeine and they want it ASAP. The straight up espresso drinker is also a seasoned coffee drinker, because man does the taste of espresso pack a punch. I like to order an espresso after dinner if I know I still have a lot of night ahead of me but I don't want to drink a whole cup of coffee.

7. Cold brew coffee


There are many different cold brew drinkers, but usually they just want something refreshing and caffeinating at the same time, so cold brew is perfect.

8. Nitro cold brew.


This is your trendy coffee drinker. They're probably wearing a denim jacket and look like a really cool person.

9. Decaf coffee


This person clearly likes the taste of coffee, because why else would you order coffee with no caffeine?

10. Cortado


These people are a little fancier than most. A cortado is basically just espresso with a little bit of milk and they usually come in an adorable little cup. They photograph well if we're honest.

11. Mocha


The classic mocha. These people might think they sound cool for ordering this drink, but it's essentially just hot chocolate with a shot of espresso.

Obviously coffee doesn't actually define you as a person, but there are many different types of coffee drinkers in this world. In all seriousness, whatever your coffee order, just keep doing you. Some coffee snobs might judge those who order drinks a certain way, but coffee was meant to be a versatile beverage. Cheers!