There are two types of people. People who drink coffee and people who don't.

For those of you that find yourself drinking coffee more than water, spending at least half of your life savings on espresso, or stressing over the fact that there isn't a coffee shop within walking distance from you... you've come to the right article.

Us coffee lovers are a specific breed, and without caffeine, we may die. No, not literally, but we probably wouldn't be the same humans we are now without it.

Coffee, I think I love you more than I love my dog. Okay, maybe just as equal. But, that means a lot.

Here are the top eight things that all coffee lovers know to be true living that caffeinated lifestyle.

1. No study session or grind time is going to be productive without coffee.

We need to feel the espresso running through our veins in order for us to feel any sort of motivation. It's also just aesthetically pleasing to have a latte sitting next to us while we grind away on our laptop. You know it's true.

2. Our camera roll is 95% filled with photos of or with our coffee.

Don't know what it is, but we always find it necessary to take a photo of our coffee and post it on our Instagram stories saying something like "grind time!" Basic as hell, we know. We can't help it. She cute.

3. The fear of being kept up all night isn't a problem anymore.

Caffeine is more of a soothing thing rather than an energy boost. It motivates us enough to get stuff done, but doesn't keep us up all night. You'll find me drinking a large latte at 9:00pm any night.

4. We have a coffee budget.

I'm not sure about everyone else, but I keep a budget out of my paycheck every week for coffee. Am I insane? Maybe. Am I addicted? Absolutely not. *maybe*

5. You buy me coffee and you win my heart.

It's as easy as that boys. Caffeine equals all my love.

6. More espresso, less depresso.

Whenever I'm sad, coffee is the cure. Same thing when I'm happy. Or angry. Or anxious. You get the idea.

7. Only thing that gets us out of bed in the morning is thinking about where and when we're getting our first cup of coffee.

Emily Gigliotti

Need it, now.

8. Our lives wouldn't be complete without it.

Coffee, I love you.