Coexisting On A Polarized Planet

Coexisting On A Polarized Planet

Today, it seems as if there is always a right and a wrong, a yes and a no and a right side or a wrong side. It may seem impossible, but coexistence exists. Here are some tips on how to do it.

Mallory Novicoff

It may seem magical, mystical and honestly impossible how one can remain calm in the fervor of what we call politics and society today. Issues that should not concern the public suddenly matter to everyone and things have become just a whole lot more personal. As a young woman, I have faced many instances of strong opinions and emotions from all sides of the spectrum. I like to identify as a left-leaning moderate who is more than willing to hear all sides of someone's reasoning. After all, there must be a reason someone thinks the way that they do. So, I have a couple tips on how to coexist with people who may seem unfathomably disagreeable. (I don't know if any of those were actual words, it's fine. I call it ~artistic liberties~)


So basically. People don't listen. To anyone. But themselves (or like, their parents, Fox News, Bill Nye and whatever twitter is saying). Because politics have become so black-and-white, it is nearly impossible to persuade someone to switch sides. So, instead of saying it's a black-and-white issue and saying there are two distinct sides, be open to listening to one's personal reasoning to why they believe what they believe. Well this might not persuade you, it will at least allow you to understand why they believe what they believe and why they do what they do. One of the first steps to coexisting is understanding. And there's no way that we will be able to understand if we simply do not even listen. While it might seem crazy, try at least to listen to why someone believes what they believe. Even if their explanation of why they preferred the Affordable Care Act over Obama care is because it doesn't say Obama, at least you listened and now you have evidence of why they are wrong and you are a good person for listening to them 🙃

2. Step-back

Another key tactic in achieving coexistence is to distance yourself from issues. This does not mean that I am encouraging you to ignore political and ethical issues, however, I find that it is incredibly helpful to distance yourself from these issues. By not allowing them to become personal, or to attach yourself personally to these problems, it becomes much easier to dissociate and not become too invested. Investment sparks emotion. Emotion elicits brash responses and often times starts arguments. If you're able to distance yourself and your emotions from political problems, you will notice that being able to calmly discuss and understand current events and topics today will become much easier.

While i know it is nearly impossible to coexist with and agree with everyone, it is possible to calmly come to terms with the fact that not everyone will be on the same page. It is OK if you disagree with someone, but do not let these disagreements steer you to become overly emotional and argumentative. Intelligent conversations and debates are necessary in order to progress, however the aggressiveness and ugliness that is being brought out from severe emotions and disagreements in the political climate today can easily be quelled and avoided if people simply were to just listen. If we were all able to emotionally detach ourselves from issues that simply do not involve us or that have much more to them, we would be able to solve many problems and agree on more controversial topics. What I am urging my readers to do is to simply step back. Look at the big picture, and understand that it is okay if you don't agree with someone. It is not worth starting a fight, but it is worth talking about it. Why do you believe what you do. Reflect. And most importantly, do research and know why you believe what you believe in. Stand by it. And be willing to listen.

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