What Your Go-To College Bar Cocktail Says About You

What Your Go-To College Bar Cocktail Says About You

Which one are you?


Pardon my judgment and bitter sense of humor, but if you consistently order vodka crans when you go out, I probably don't want to be your Friday night wing-woman. And if that take offends you, I bet you won't open this to read what other basic cocktails exist out there. In my mind, there are four solid bar cocktails to order at campus bars. (Mojitos might be asking be asking a lot of the Bullwinkles staff...but then again I've never tried ordering one there) Which one are you?

1. Rum & Coke

You're a classic! Like a glass bottle of Coca Cola, this drink is timeless, never asking too much of the person making it, and gets the job done no matter what your pallet. The expectations are low, the quality is good, and you can buy it anywhere.

2. Captain & Coke

Either you're one picky dude or you've had a bad day and rum and coke just isn't enough, you need the extra sweetness that comes with Captain Morgan. You probably also have never drank your coffee black before.

3. Whiskey Ginger

Do you take yours with a lime or a maraschino cherry? This isn't your first time around the bar, and I know that because you ordered the cocktail that most clearly matches my father's palate. Even if you just started ordering them, I doubt this was your first mixed drink, which means you're open to change. So thanks for playing the adulthood game!

4. Vodka Cran

Let's expand our horizons here, Vodka Cran. Unless you're a freshman, it's time to open your mind and mix it up. This is embarrassing. I know it's trusty and you can never go wrong with it, but every now and then let's mix it up. Yes, even at Midway.

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10 Safe Drinks To Order For Your First Time Out

If you never been to a bar these are the best go-to drinks to get.

I didn't start drinking until I came to college and turned 21. And if you're anything like me, you probably had no idea what to order or what to drink. I basically relied on trial and error on what drinks I liked or didn't like. Through my trials and the hundreds of dollars spent and drinks wasted, I discovered the safe drinks. They're either really good and you can't taste the alcohol, or they're real cheap and bearable.

1. Vodka Cranberry

A classic drink. The simplest to make and the cheapest drink to order or buy and make yourself. All it takes is Vodka and Cranberry juice.

2. Dirty Shirley

It's like Shirley Temple grew up and started having fun. All it is is Sprite, grenadine and tequila. You can also use vodka instead of tequila.

3. Vodka Sprite

Super Simple. Vodka and sprite.

4. Rum and Coke

Usually a simple drink for guys, but hey, girls drink it too.

5. Long Island Iced Tea

I made this mistake when I first ordered this drink thinking it actually had tea in it… it doesn't. It's a cocktail of all the known different types of liquor: Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Gin and Triple Sec. A splash of coke is added to give that iced tea color.

6. Moscow Mule

Ginger Beer, Vodka and Lime Juice. Served in a copper mug.

7. Gin and Tonic

Another Classic, a gentleman's classic. Add a lime for extra flavor

8. Beer (Budlight, Budweiser, Natty Light etc.)

You can't go wrong with beer. It's everywhere, it's cheap and it gets the job done.

9. Tequila Sunrise

Tequila, Orange juice and Grenadine.

10. Lemon Drop

Another drink with vodka, this time all you need to add is lemonade. Usually Taken as a shot.

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