the life of a cna

If you don't already know, CNA life can have its best and its worst times. We should probably be called "Bed, Bath, and Way Beyond". And, in case you aren't a CNA and you're not aware, CNA's are more than glorified ass-wipers. Nonetheless, we encounter a lot of stuff during our shifts. Here is the daily life of a CNA as told by vine star and son of the internet, Gavin Thomas.

1. When your alarm goes off and you're debating on whether or not the paycheck is actually worth it

... But you usually get up and get ready anyway.

1. When a patient refuses a bath all week long and they tell their family you refused to give them a bath

The classic "Are you kidding?" face.

2. When you're on break and you hear 10 different call lights going off and people yelling

And you take your time clocking back in.

3. When you've been running around for hours and haven't had time to pee or sit down for a break and you look at the clock and see you've only been clocked in for an hour

And then someone has the audacity to ask if you're fine.

4. When you try to keep your cool after you answer a call light, leave the room, and the same patient turns their light back on again .2 seconds later

In your head, you're thinking, "I JUST LEFT YOUR ROOM. WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED?"

5. When you finally sit down to chart only to get interrupted

... followed by an internal (and sometimes external) scream.

6. When someone who isn't in the medical field swears that your job is easy

Sure, Jan.

8. When you finish giving report and you're going to clock out

You don't even say goodbye to anyone, you just RUN.

9. When you finally get home after a long shift and this is how you end up in bed

Usually with something to eat or drink while watching Netflix.

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