The Closed Door

My brother and I just stood there. We had been living in this house for a better part of our lives, so how did we NOT know that there was a door here?

"Maybe we just never noticed a door that was hidden behind the wardrobe before?" My brother just kept looking at the closed door in front of him.

We must have been standing there for a good twenty minutes in silence before my brother spoke up, "No, we have played hide and seek too much to just not notice something of this magnitude. Xander, what do you think is behind that door?" My mind kept spinning thinking what hob-knocker was behind that door.

"I think that maybe this is where Mom and Dad hid all of the Christmas presents when we were little kids," I said.

"That, or this is where mom hides the dead bodies," my brother added. "I don't think that she really is a stay-at-home-mom; I think she is a super-spy-assassin for the American Government."

I looked at my brother like he just spoke to me in tongues. "That is one of the dumbest things that I have ever heard come out of your mouth. And I have heard a lot of stupid things come out of your mouth."

"Shut up. You know I was not being serious about the whole Mom being a spy thing because she would probably be the worst spy in the world."

"Can we open up the door just to find out what is in there?" I asked my brother for probably the fifth time.

"No. I am afraid that there are bodies in there. Why else would our parents hide this door with a wardrobe? And we just discovered this now? They could have things in there that we should never ever find in our lives."

"Maybe we are secretly rich and we are hiding the money so that they never had to buy us the cool toys for Christmas." I was still a little miffed that my Mom did not get me the new Barbie doll because she said that I already had too many of them. Jimminey Christmas, was I mad then.

"I think that it is kidnapped people. I really don't think that the Jeffersons moved. They might be mom's maids so that she can be a spy and still look like a stay-at-home-mom."

"Maybe it is the old owners of the house's graves and they are hidden in the closet."

"See, I told you it was going to be bodies." My brother pushed me.

"Can we open up the door now just to see what is inside? I just want to solve this mystery and finally get back to playing our game."

Xander was looking at me like I was crazy, "It will be your funeral then." He walked towards the door and jiggled the handle.

"Kay, grab the key that is behind the wardrobe." I gave the key to him and he unlocked the door.

"Once we open this door there is no going back, Kay. I'm serious. Either we will get in a lot of trouble or be super rich."

"Do it."

Xander slowly opened up the door and when we turned on the single overhead light bulb the world suddenly seemed less important than what it did in those few precious moments.

We opened up a door that led straight to nothing.

"Ugh, that was incredibly boring." Xander slowly closed the door.

We both went downstairs to gain some sense of adventure again.

If only we'd looked a little closer to find the false wall...

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