It's Time To Declare Climate Change A National Emergency
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It's Time To Declare Climate Change A National Emergency

A Public Service Announcement to those who do not take climate change seriously:

It's Time To Declare Climate Change A National Emergency
NewYork Times


Look around you. If you see weird natural occurrences around the globe, chances are that it is because of climate change. For example, in Chennai, the groundwater has virtually run out. According to different news outlets, it is the first major city in India to do so. Is this unprecedented? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Surveys conducted from the Centre for Climate Change indicate that Tamil Nadu has lost a significant section of its water resources due to the construction of flyovers, high-rise buildings, and other man-made infrastructures. We are not far from a time where water will become a luxury. In fact, Chennai is going through that right now.

Scientists and environmentalists estimate that sometime around the year 2020 other major cities like Bangalore, Delhi, and Hyderabad will experience a similar fate.

India is the world's fourth-largest carbon emitter in the world and the world's second most populous country (for now), implying that if we do not act fast, we will rise to become the world's largest carbon emitter. That is not an accomplishment we want to achieve.

If we declare climate change as a national emergency, all efforts will be diverted towards reducing climate change. This will help accelerate the transition from a fossil fuel based economy to a cleaner, renewable energy based one. Approvals for any coal projects or infrastructure projects that require the destruction of any flora and/or fauna must be rejected. More funding should be allocated for investing in solar panels, afforestation and reforestation projects must be initiated, heavy tariffs should be imposed on the harmful untreated emissions released from factories.

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