Fishing For Catfishes

With life on social media on a rise, the way we present ourselves is extremely important to a lot of us. Especially with 'catfishes' everywhere, more and more people are becoming aware of the different ways we alter our faces on editing apps to fit society's ideal vision of ourselves. Why we feel the need to change ourselves is probably due to all the pressure we are put under by society and their views/rules. So, here are a few common apps that a lot of us use to change the way we look to appeal to majority of the public.

1. PicsArt

Draw on yourself or merge two photos into one, PicsArt functions in a variety of ways to achieve your desired look.

2. Facetune

This $4 app is a famous one, where tons of us alter our face shape and body sizes.

3. Eraser

Erase your worries away with this app, it literally erasers what you don't like away!

4. Photoshop

I really don't need to explain.

5. YouCam

Fix your eyeliner or add some blush with this make up app, especially if you can't do a sharp wing by yourself.

BUT, the purpose of this article is to show that no matter how much you alter yourself for pictures online, the people who know you love you for the way you naturally are. So why bother going through all that hassle to appeal to netizens when you're surrounded by loving citizens?

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