Ladies and gentlemen, it is that time of the semester again: the end. Take deep breaths because we are all in this together. Call your moms, kiss your dogs, because the next two weeks are going to be a wild ride of essays, projects, presentations, and exams.

1. You’re in 4 classes but have 7 classes worth of work due

“It’s not due until April.” Well, honey, its April and the work snowball is tumbling down and is going to knock us all out.

2. People are doing homework outside

The campus is heavily populated with students on the lawns doing their homework. You do not realize how many actually go to your school until this happens. So you are pushing a shoving through the crowd of people who are doing cartwheels and playing frisbee on the quad to get the library.

3. Sweatpants and t-shirts are the outfits for the month

If you wear anything else, you are a superhero. Some people may stare at you for wearing that hoodie for the third day in a row but who really cares? For me, the balance triangle holds sleep, work, appearance. You cannot have all three.

4. Bars fill up

If you are the lucky one that got all their work done prior, or you can just balance your work better than others, then cheers to you; since you get to go out and have some fun.

5. You have to meet up with your group for the project

Yea the project that you were supposed to do all semester; it is due next week. Has anyone worked on it? Yea did not think so. Well, your group-mates are going to be with you the whole time

6. Professors start to cancel class more and more

College students are not the only one that wants the summer fever. Some professors will be tired of the class and either hold class outside or cancel it altogether. They secretly want the semester to be over as well.

7.You begin to take home some of your stuff on the weekends

Personally advise this, instead of taking EVERYTHING home with you on move-out day. Take all your winter stuff with you at the end of April/beginning of May and you will totally thank yourself later.

8.You feel the anxiety of finals

Two weeks, there are two weeks until finals and you have learned nothing!

9. One coffee is NOT enough

One coffee is just the base of the endless about of cups that will be chilling on your desk at 2 am when your writing that paper you probably could have started in March.

10. You have “the talk” with your professor about your grade in the class

Even though it's too late to drop the class. You might have talked to your professor about how you could take the class again or mentally prepare yourself for the mark you are about to get. Unfortunately, mom cannot help you on this one.