Cleaning your room is a huge drag for everyone (unless you're one of those adorable weirdos who loves chores) and there aren't always the words to describe the plight we have completing this. So I'm gonna let my pal Kimmy Schmidt and comrades tell you all about it in honor of The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt Season 4!

1. When you're about to start.

Oh no, is that the toaster strudel I drunkenly ate last Thursday?

2. Deciding what to keep/toss.

When you really want to keep your Twilight Sparkle figure from middle school because it got you through some rough times.

3. Heavy lifting.

Never forget!

4. Distractions.

Sing it Titus! Ahhhhhhhh, Velcro!

5. Finding old notes you wrote.

Why, 13 year old me? Why?

6. How you look coming out of a mid-cleaning nap.

7. Calling for reinforcements.

I don't really want to, but I might have to.

8. When you can't find something important.

9. When you're in the homestretch.

10. Hashbrown completion.

Because your room is flawless!