Clean-Eating Goes to College
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Clean-Eating Goes to College

For college students who need a cheat-sheet for a healthy diet, have no fear; it's arrived!

Clean-Eating Goes to College
The Laughing Spatula

Maybe you started off your college years eating well, feeling healthy, and exercising daily. Maybe, more realistically, you began feeling overwhelmed by a new schedule, lifestyle, and environment. If so, there were probably too many nights characterized by pizza deliveries (pro tip: if the delivery guy knows your name, you're probably eating pizza a little too often), and even more days spent without a trip to the gym. When you settle into the routine of the new stage of life, another reality might settle in: it's difficult to find the time to meal plan and prep with classes, work, and a (somewhat) typical social life (not to mention those dorm or apartment kitchens). Well, if you're stuck in a rut of decent-but-not-quite-healthy meals, it's time for a kick-start!

The Grocery-Shop Stop:

The best grocery shopping advice that I can give is this: don't be afraid to make several stops on your weekly or bi-weekly grocery trip. While one store might be your best and cheapest option for staples, another might stock the organic things you need more readily, and therefore, also cheaper. Don't be afraid to explore! It might take a few weeks or months until you know where to shop for all your grocery needs.

The Basic List:

Where to start on the road to healthy living? Try the suggestions below!

Bonus: everything you see on this list is also Paleo and Whole30 approved!

Proteins -

- organic 90% lean ground beef

- organic chicken breast

- free-range eggs

- wild-caught salmon

- Aidell's organic chicken & apple sausage

- Plainville Farms organic oven-roasted turkey breast (only ingredients are turkey, water and sea salt? Count us in!)

Vegetables -

- asparagus

- cauliflower, riced

- broccoli

- carrots

- spinach

- spaghetti squash

- celery

Starches -

- organic redskin potatoes

- organic sweet potatoes

Fruits -

- apples

- oranges

- grapes

- cherries

- kiwi

- watermelon

Condiments/Sauce Ingredients -

- Coconut Secret organic coconut aminos

- Tessamae's All Natural Matty's BBQ sauce

For Maria Makes' Whole30 Dump Ranch:

- organic light-tasting olive oil

- red wine vinegar

- coconut milk

Snacks -

- dried banana chips (make sure they have no added sugar!)

- veggie root chips

- Trader Joe's Salsa Authentica

- Trader Joe's Wholly Guacamole

- dried apricots (make sure no sugar or sulfites added!)

Beverages -

- water, water, water

- La Croix sparkling water

- Coconut milk

- homemade smoothies

The Go-To Recipes:

The biggest challenge of clean eating (besides healthy shopping, of course) is finding creative, wholesome recipes that don't take all day to prep and cook. Besides from the easy "chicken breast with olive oil and veggies," here are a few of my favorite bloggers, with healthy recipes for days.

The Whole Smiths

Nom Nom Paleo

Well Fed

One of my own favorite recipes are an easy fried 'rice' cauliflower, with just riced cauliflower, salt, coconut aminos, a little coconut oil, egg, and whichever veggies you'd like. Another recipe I love is this breakfast delight (dessert for breakfast? yes please).

Clean-eating is completely doable with the right prep and ingredients! Happy, healthy eating to you all!

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