Classroom Etiquette 101
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Classroom Etiquette 101

Or, how to ensure your professors like you and how to not annoy your classmates.

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Welcome back to school! By now, every college student has moved into their dorm, unpacked, and have begun classes. Whether you're in a lecture, a seminar, a lab, or a discussion section, there's basic etiquette that you'd think everyone would follow while in class. However, not everyone will always be on their best behavior in class. But, if you want to avoid being "that kid" in class, here are some simple steps you can take to avoid being labeled an "annoyance".

1. Don't talk in class

Okay this seems simple enough, but it seems like in every single class, there's a group of students who talk the whole entire time. Don't be like these students -- not only is it extremely rude to your professor, but it's also extremely annoying for your classmates who are trying to take notes.

2. Be respectful of other peoples' space.

If you have enough space, feel free to spread your notebooks and pencils out. But if space is tight, make sure that everyone around you has enough space.

3. Don't eat a noisy food like chips in class.

Obviously some professors might ban eating in their class all together, but if your professor says that eating in class is okay, try to avoid food that is noisy to eat.

4. Make sure that everyone can get to their seats.

If there's an empty seat next to you and you notice a classmate looking for a seat, scoot over so that they can sit down.

5. Respect your professors...

Call them Professor -insert last name here- (unless they've asked you to call them by another title or by their first name), and be courteous towards them.

6. ...And respect your fellow classmates.

If you disagree with a point they bring up during a discussion, you can offer a rebuttal, but don't just say "you're wrong".

7. Make sure your phone is on silent.

Not only is this courteous to your classmates, but most professors will be displeased if they hear your phone go off in class.

It's pretty easy to not be annoying in class -- just whatever you do, please don't be that kid who talks the entire time.

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